Heather Kristian Strang | Spiritual Teacher & Author


I’m Heather Kristian Strang, but you can call me Kristian.

I’m a mystic, medicine woman, author, and spiritual guide here to support you in living fully your Soul’s Purpose and Destiny through Higher states of consciousness filled with Love, Peace, joy, ease & Prosperity.


I support all Souls called in transmuting their fears, limiting beliefs, traumas and overall pain stories from this lifetime and beyond into Peace, Love & Prosperity by living a Spirit-Led life.

We do this by connecting you back to who you really are – a Spirit, in a body, here with a specific purpose to make this your most magnificent life yet (think vacation-esque ease and abundance) all while having the impact on the greater whole that you intended before you incarnated.

We do this by working in higher dimensions of consciousness with a spiritual consciousness as our foundation – combined with a strong focus on emotional alignment so that your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and sexual bodies are fully aligned.

We give you a plethora of tools so that you can rock your Spirit-Led life in an empowered, elevated and expansive way – with transmissions from The JOGs, through specific Soul alignment practices, through Meditation Activations, through energy medicine using the principles of quantum physics, through Sacred Activism and sustainability practices.

In our work together – at whatever level you are guided to participate – you will become Empowered to live a life you Love and that is of the Highest Divine service.

You’ll learn more about how to allow your Higher Self to flow through you and work in harmony with your Higher Wisdom (which is Source, your Higher Self and your Guides & Angels of the Highest Light) so that you can live your most inspired, miraculous, creative, Peaceful, Prosperous, Empowered and Love-filled life yet.

Because that’s exactly what you came here for.

And that’s Spirit-Led Living.

You in?

Let’s do this…Xo

Learn more about Heather Kristian’s journey from scarcity and survival consciousness to abundant Spirit-led Living.

Live a life of ecstatic Spirit-Led Miracles with Ecstatic Union with The Divine & A Life of Magic: An Oracle for Spirit-Led Living. Both books can be used on the daily as Oracles to support you in living in Peace, Love & Richness. You can also check out the inspired-by-true-events-yet-totally-fictional The Quest series to uplevel your Love life and enjoy witnessing the Spirit-Led Magic.

Get Empowered with Offerings that support you in living Spirit-Led – in full Peace, Love & Prosperity.