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10 Jan / First – Ever Case Study!

Skeptical about food intolerance induced weight gain? Not sure if cutting out wheat, dairy, and processed sugar is the right move for you?

Well, Dharma Jones (not her real name – she prefers to remain anonymous, as she’s a well-known professional in the area), 36, is going to put it to the test for you. A skeptic by nature, Dharma has 20 pounds that won’t seem to budge, and she isn’t a big fan of “traditional dieting”. I don’t blame her – diets don’t work! She doesn’t eat a whole lot of processed foods and she walks daily. But, for some reason, she cannot lose the weight.

When I told her about my experience, the blog, and the upcoming book – she wanted to learn more. And so, I created a meal plan and gave her the guidelines of the plan. She is following it for 4 weeks and I will document her progress via this blog.

She’ll be adding her comments every Monday to update us on her progress.

So far, it’s been 3 days (she began officially on Jan. 8th). She has already noticed an increase in energy levels and reports feeling “lighter”. I’ve had her weigh herself and take measurements. Dharma will weigh herself every week. I’m looking forward to seeing what Monday’s weigh-in brings. Stay tuned!



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