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09 Sep / Cats For Healing

When I found out that I was going to have surgery (ovarian cyst removal – fun!) last week, I wanted to put all the elements for healing in place. I remember in the Secret, that James Arthur Ray mentioned the power of pets. I haven’t had a pet since I was 12 and I finally felt ready for the responsibility – as I’m a bit of a commitment-phobe.

So, the boyfriend and I made a jaunt to the Oregon Humane Society last Saturday to pick out the perfect cat to aid in my healing. I spotted Beatrice online and she was the first cat I requested to see. A short haired Tabby, Beatrice is affectionate and independent (kinda like me!).

Since bringing her home, she’s kept me company on the couch both day and night. When I’m up at 4am, she’s there with me. I don’t feel bad about sleeping most of the day, cuz she’s snoozin’ along side me. Incidentally, Beatrice has kept my mind off of just me and the pain of surgery. She’s a great diversion and her healing energy keeps my mind at ease.

In addition, I’ve been listening to Kelly Howell’s Guided Healing meditation since my ER visit and I firmly believe that it’s helping in my healing process. I also purchased Doreen Virtue‘s Healing with Fairies cards and they are AMAZING! The cards are bringing me comfort and connection with what is truly important in my life. A big shout out to Brooke Emery with the Attraction Boutique for the recommendation of this fabulous cards.

All in all, everything DOES happen for a reason – even the stuff that scares the crap out of you. I’ve never been more clear about my purpose, desires and direction in life. My ovarian cyst has taught me more than I could dare to bore you with here, but I will share this – it has reminded me (rather aggressively!) what’s truly important – taking care of ME, as well as the importance of gratitude in the present moment. How beautiful is that?!

Have any healing therapies you can’t live without?
Please share!

Much love,

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