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03 Oct / Eating Wheat-Free, Dairy-Free & Low Sugar on Roadtrips

I’ve got a mini-vaca coming up and I’m packing up my road trip and snacking foods. If you don’t have a road trip or vacation planned – get to it! And use the list below to help you with packing and snacking with wheat-free, dairy-free and low sugar foods. Bon Voyage! 🙂

Arrowhead Mills GF Brownie Mix
Light, flaky and tasty – get these brownies. Be sure to prepare the night before, cut into squares and take with you.
EnviroKidz Crispy Rice Bars – Peanut Butter
Ezekiel English Muffins
Tofutti Cream Cheese – Herb & Chives
Trader Joe’s Soy & Flax Tortilla Chips with Salsa
Crispix Cereal – add flaxseeds & vanilla soy milk (for the hotel room, of course!)
& a plethora of mini carrots, red pepper (chopped), tomatoes, hummus, apples and nectarines.

Have any road trip fave’s?
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Happy travels,
Heather 🙂

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