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30 Dec / Eating Wheat-Free, Dairy-Free & Low Sugar at a Diner

I love going out to eat for breakfast. Not only is it a really easy meal to adjust to the wheat-free, dairy-free and low sugar lifestyle (oatmeal, anyone?) it’s just fun. Especially on Sunday mornings. With the Sunday paper in tow, breakfast out is the perfect way to kick into lazy Sunday mode

But going to a greasy spoon diner (a la’ Biscuits Cafe in Portland) can be quite the challenge. Unless of course, you’re prepared ahead of time.

Use the tips below for eating out – diner style:

-Drink a full glass of water before going to the restaurant.
-Only pay attention to the omelette, scrambles and side dish portions of the menu. Don’t even look at pancakes/french toast/waffles – this will be tempting and a little bit sad. 🙂
-Always ask for no cheese, or light cheese – depending on your tolerance level.
-Ask to have your food cooked in Canola oil, not butter.
-Order a veggie scramble or omelette with cut potatoes or hashbrowns.
-Ask for fruit as a substitute for toast/muffin.
-Order the side of bacon, just dab with a napkin before eating. Say it with me – protein is your friend.

Have tips you want to add to eating breakfast out, diner style?
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