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22 Jan / Best Wheat-Free, Dairy-Free and Low Sugar Snack & Yummy Cookies

I love a good snack. In fact, I’m one of those people that loves to eat little meals throughout the day. So, I’m always trying to create good (and easy!) snacks for myself.

Here’s my latest love affair:
1 cup No Sugar Added Applesauce (try Seneca 100% Natural Applesauce)
1 T ground cinnamon

Stir cinnamon in and enjoy!
When choosing an applesauce, just stay away from anything with high fructose corn syrup and you’ll be all good.

Oh, and I made a fabulous cookie discovery this weekend – Pamela’s Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies. I was hanging out with friends and was advised to bring some snackie’s. So, I grabbed these and they were a huge hit. One warning – they’re so good, you’ll be shocked at how fast you and your friends consume the entire bag. But, it’s worth it.

Have a snack favorite or a recent “love it!” product discovery?
If so, post a comment here.

Happy Snacking!
Heather 🙂

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