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13 Jan / Create Your Perfect Year – Listen Here!

Have you powerfully set up 2008 for your writing business? I’m not talking about resolutions, I’m talking about creating intentions that put you on track to achieve the most personal satisfaction (not to mention make the most money!) that you can in 2008.

Since I started my business full-time in 2006, I’ve leaned on Brooke Emery as my go-to gal for making it happen. Today, I’m happy to report that my business is thriving beyond my wildest expectations, with amazing long-term writing contracts AND two book proposals sitting on the desks (and being read, I hope!) by major U.S. publishers. The inspiration/motivation and accountability that I received through Brooke’s teleclasses and coaching played a HUGE role in my success.

If you missed her Create Your Perfect Year teleseminar last week with The Femme Network – have no fear – I’ve got the recording right here. Enjoy!

Have you worked with an incredible coach or discovered the perfect way to set up your coming year? If so, do tell!

Happy writing!
Heather 🙂

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