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27 May / New Gluten-Free Bakery in NW Portland

Often I dreamt of a gluten-free bakery, filled with yummy pastries and tasty bread. And it seems that someone else too was also dreaming up the same thing.

New Cascadia Traditional – The Gluten-Free Artisan Bakery opened recently in the heart of NW Portland on 21st and Glisan sandwiched in between Trader Joe’s and Urban Fondue.

I’ve sampled their French Bread, apple galette and chocolate peanut butter cookie. YUM! The French bread is pretty hard, but once you saw it into slices, it’s a great addition to soup and salad, or dipped in hummus. And get this – it actually tastes like real French bread. Imagine that!

One tip
: get there early or place advanced orders for bread and such. They sell out early and I’ve visited twice only to find they were out of virtually everything. Apparently, gluten-free goods are in HIGH demand. 🙂

Happy Eating!

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