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21 Sep / How I Got My Ass Kicked At John Of God

I left Portland, Ore. a little over a week ago feeling confident, excited and ready for my spiritual journey, especially in regards to visiting the healer, John of God.

But, when Wednesday morning rolled around and I was to receive my first-ever energetic surgery, I was terrified. What had I gotten myself into?? I felt woozy–the energy in the casa instantly made me feel light-headed.

I followed roughly 15 other individuals from all over the world into a small room for our surgery. I sat down and followed the instructions given by a lovely Portuguese woman. She told us that the entities (the non-physical beings that heal through John of God) would begin giving us an anesthetic so that we would not feel pain during our surgery.

I remember thinking how cute that was–they were really trying to make this “real” for us. And let’s remember–I totally believe in this stuff but even I was feeling like it wouldn’t be THAT big of a deal! I only expected that the energetic surgery would feel like an intense healing session, where you leave feeling a bit blissed out and sleepy.

Oh, how wrong I was.

Then, the surgery began. This entailed the lovely woman telling us that we deserved to be happy and free along with some other wonderful words. Immediately, I started CRYING–it was completely beyond my control. Emotions started surfacing quick and fast. Then, I began feeling energy swirl in different parts of my body–my right knee, left wrist, heart and back. I didn’t have time to think too much about the energy shifting and swirling, along with the crying–it all happened in what felt like minutes.

Before I knew it, this incredible calm came over me and the surgery was done. We filed out of the room and were told that we had just experienced major surgery where up to 9 different procedures can be performed. Yikes! We were to spend the next 24 hours in bed doing nothing–no reading, music or interacting with others.

Frankly, I felt fine.

But, I wanted to honor the process, so I followed the instructions precisely. I was wired and also blissed out. I lay in my twin bed (I’m having the college dorm experience I never had!) and did nothing but think (also described as torture). I thought about:

-people I like
-people I don’t like
-what it would be like when I returned home
-how I didn’t want to return home
-if I should get a cat
-where I would put a litter box should I get said cat
-what my dream beach house looks like

You name it, I thought about it. I was brought blessed soup (a daily casa staple) and lunch. I ate a TON (it was the only thing I had been looking forward to) and couldn’t imagine how I was going to get through the afternoon and night.

Then, something funny happened–I got sleepy. Finally. An hour an a half later I woke up.

And it was bad. I mean, REALLY bad.

I felt like every ounce of energy had been drained from my body. I could barely move. I was too weak to do anything. Crap. This WAS real. I mean, really real. Not woo-woo, not crazy fantasy stuff, but real life stuff. Non-physical beings DID perform surgery on people–on ME. I felt it from the inside out.

The bummer was, I wasn’t expecting this. I was anticipating a lovely 2 weeks filled with spiritual epiphanies, great meditation and bliss. I did not expect pain and real surgery. My ovaries (what I had come to heal) were on FIRE and I felt a deep soreness in pretty much every part of my body.

My friend Kerry was gone and the pousada was quiet. I started to panic. What if I die at a Brazilian pousada in a twin bed??!! Seriously. That’s what I was thinking. Dramatic? Yes, but that’s how scary it felt waking up in such a state.

I lay there waiting, praying and hoping to God that somehow I would be okay.

An hour or so later my friend returned and I squeaked out the news. She went to get the naturopath who was synchronistically staying at our pousada (he is also a guide and knows everything there is to know about all of this). He smiled at me and said that the anesthetic had worn off (OMG–there actually was anesthetic–they weren’t just being cute!) and that’s why I felt so awful. I had had major surgery and needed to heal by resting. Then, he told me to enjoy.

Enjoy?! I felt like hell–and that’s NOT what I signed up for (or so I thought). I spent the next 2 days lethargic and feeling rather awful. I spent even more time thinking and some very big realizations began coming my way. I prayed more than I have ever prayed in my entire life–it made me feel better when nothing else would.

By day 3 of the ordeal I was angry. Apparently, spending 3 days in a tiny room will do that to a girl. I wanted to go home and never experience anything like this again. But I couldn’t deny that some really amazing things were happening, such as:

-I would see or imagine that someone would come to my room and tell me something, and they did a few minutes later.

-I would pray for something small to happen, such as “Please God, shut that damn rooster up!” and before the words left my head, it stopped.

-Bizarro synchronicities that are too numerous to recount, but include Portland, Ore. connections in our New Zealand travel group (it’s my friend and I at the pousada while the rest are New Zealanders–I’m having a love affair with their accents!).

-I could feel energies working on my body throughout this time. It wasn’t scary, only remarkable.

-My dreams were vivid and detailed, and usually included a reference the next day.

-After doing a healing visualization (during a4-hour MEDITATION-more on that later)–I forgave a person who had hurt me, and then received an email from that person the next day telling me that they loved me.

And the hits just keep on coming…my anger is gone and has been replaced with joy and contentment. I’m living in the NOW more than I ever have before. It’s hard to believe that its only been a week. I promise to write more as I have time (I had no clue that a spiritual journey would be SO MUCH work!), but stay tuned for more stories involving:

-Crystal baths
-John Lennon
-Wild roosters, dogs, cows and toliet paper

Much love to you all!
Heather 🙂

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  • Anonymous

    I want more!!!


  • Alyssa

    Wow – what a ride, girl! I can’t wait to hear more about it. Sounds like some amazing miracles… ah, life!!

    xoxo ~alyssa

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