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25 Sep / John of God–Part Deux

Seven days after having energetic surgery, I was required to go before John of God for what is called “Revision”. This is where he checks your energy field/body to make sure that everything that was meant to be taken care of, has been. I had another extremely painful day right before my revision on Wednesday. My ovaries were inflamed and I had very little energy. I literally laid in a hammock for most of the day. Granted, not a bad way to pass the time—laying under an avocado tree listening to exotic birds chirp while your body both energetically and physically processes things. But, as a former “go-getter” it was quite discouraging. What's really been interesting for me during this process is how greatly I was affected by the surgery, even in simple ways. For example, I love to read, and brought several books with me on this trip. I also brought my iPod, because I LOVE music. Since the surgery though, I have been unable to read or listen to music. It's simply too much for me. The only thing I am able to do is journal (and I've completely filled my journal already!). Apparently, its output only for me.

I had grandiose thoughts of working on my book, which I've been able to do very little of. I hear from others here that this is very much part of the John of God experience for those of us who get a big kick in the ass, like I did. I was told by the owner of our pousada, Luz Divina, that if I feel like I'm on a huge roller coaster and have days where I only seem to be processing—then I'm on the right path. Just hearing that meant so much to me—I wasn't sure what was going on!

Today, I'm back on the upswing—feeling more energetic and much more at peace. I went before John of God yesterday for the first time. I asked him (well, I didn't—I had a translator as John and the entities he incorporates only speak Portuguese) to bless two pieces of my jewelry—which he did on the spot and I also asked when I could exercise again (he said now is fine, although I'm still pretty weak and will wait until I get back to the U.S. to start up again). He was gentle and kind, and told me to spend the rest of the week in entity current.

YAY!!! No more surgery!! I had asked that this be the guidance I received from him and it was. I'm sitting in entity current (which is a huge room where you're essentially meditating and serving as an energy channel for the entities to use as they heal others and incorporate John of God). I am meditating in the current room between 2-4 hours a day. It's amazing and sometimes tortuous. It just depends on what you're there to learn that day.

I feel like information is being downloaded into my being. I want to bring a pen and paper with me (although we are under strict orders not to open our eyes) to write down the insights I'm receiving.

I am feeling much gratitude for John of God, the entities and this experience. It has been totally life changing. I'm feeling a bit insecure/scared to return back to my old life. Having this time and sense of peace is so precious...

BTW-I apologize for the lack of photos. My camera died on me and the archaic U.S. only has 120volt for my camera charger & I need 230 here. So sad. Will upload photos once I'm charged in the states—I'm hoping the Atlanta airport will have an outlet for me to use. In the meantime, my New Zealand friends are taking photos and will email them to me to share with you all. We got some great shots at sunset last night in the labyrinth.

Much love,
xoHeather 🙂

Photos top to bottom: Valley view from the casa, casa garden/benches (spent A LOT of time there), casa sunset from One Tree Hill.

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  • Kahoo

    I love you, Heath. I have enjoyed reading about your experiences….

    Heath C.

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