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15 Sep / Lesson #1 From Brazil: We Are All One

So, this seems like a big “duh”, right? Well, it´s one thing to know something logically and it´s entirely another to feel it in a dramatic way.

We visited the Temple of Peace (Paz in Portuguese) in Brasilia this week, where visitors walk a gratitude shaped path, and once in the middle say a prayer under a huge crystal that has been magnetized for healing. While doing so, a beautiful choir sings behind you, and energy healers work on visitors. The energy in this space was intense. I had a very clear revelation about my life (it´s been far too exhausting this last year) and my intent (to clear the clutter and create space for LOVE).

After finishing the prayer, drinking the blessed water and receiving energy healing, we were able to connect with the crystal elements. Putting our hands up to the crystal (see picture above), resulted in the feeling of an incredible vibration. I had a cut on my finger and it began vibrating dramatically once my hands were placed in front of the crystal.

Beautiful artwork was everywhere, along with a Portuguese saying that art brings us closer to the god force. The entire time, I felt complete one-ness with everyone there; and the space itself was filled with peace and love. The revelations from this one experience alone are too many to tell here, but I had to share this much. And besides, I still haven´t gotten to the overall one-ness part…

Later that evening we went to a beautiful Catholic church. Mass was in session, and as we walked up the steps, with the choir singing, I immediately felt the overwhelming presence of love and one-ness–the very same feeling I had in the Temple of Peace. Since then, we have visited numerous other holy sites, all of varying religious backgrounds and all of them containing the feelings of peace, love and god.

This whole notion that we are all separate, and that there is only one “right” way to believe coudn´t be farther from the truth. We are all different and unique, so different forms of spirituality will appeal to each of us, and that´s it. That´s the only reason for a multitude of religions. In truth, god (however you believe) appears in every faith, in every temple and in every individual.

To feel this was so intense and beautiful, my words here do it no justice.
All I can do is share my experience and hope it resonates with you in some small way…

We also spent some fun time sampling a variety of caipirinhas…delicious. I was also able to swoon over gorgeous Brazilian men (and women — they are ALL in skinny jeans and heels even in 90+ temps!). Thus far, the journey to Brazil has been truly magical. I can speak a handful of words in Portuguese and I learned quite a bit about their sentiments towards Americans (none of which are too shocking).

1) They believe American women are all promiscious and aggressive. Ha!
2) Americans in general are very arrogant.

This saddens me, but also made me laugh. I mean, my mom thought I was going to be kidnapped by guerrillas if I went to Brazil, so again it shows our delusions of what reality is. I suppose we can thank TV for that! It also shows how hard we all work to keep one another separate, which is a total illusion. We are all connected and my experience here has only solidified that fact.

More to come as the journey continues–tomorrow morning we join a dear friend and head to Abadiania. We will go before John of God on Wednesday morning. Please send loving, insightful and life-altering thoughts my way! 🙂

Wishing you much continued peace, love and joy,

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