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15 Sep / The People and Sites of Brazil

I had to share with you some of the AMAZING people I have met in Brasilia. Outstanding people with warm, big overflowing hearts. Above are some pictures of some of the friends I´ve made along the way (and check out the beer dispenser–I was shocked the U.S. doesn´t have these…yet).
From top to bottom:
-Our host and government official, Neide Setim. Wisest woman a girl could meet. Has been married to the love of her life for 43 years. She shared with me just how one makes a marriage work for so long and I promise to share it with you in the near future…Absolute goddess this woman–I love her!
-Making love to a mango tree while sipping coconut milk.
-Beer Bar (that´s the official name!!) in Brasilia. A popular night spot on the lake. Check out the cylindar beer dispenser. Ingenius!
-One of the many caipirinha´s consumed thus far on the journey (after seeing John of God, one cannot drink for 40 days).
-Posing with the coconut milk lady. She was not as thrilled as I was, as you can tell…
-Harrassing the guard at the Brazilian White House. He rolled his eyes at me!
-Ah, Brazilian hunk, Daniel. He spoke little English and is only 23. If I were 7 years younger, I would be taking him back to the states with me!
-Josemar, Kerry (my travel companion), Daniel and I. On the newest bridge in Brasilia–such a sight to see.
More to come in the future…
xoMuch love,
Heather 🙂
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  • Jennifer Strait

    Heather, this is so amazing…I’m with you in Spirit! What a wonderful journey. I look forward to hearing more, especially about your audience with John of God. It seems just beautiful there. I miss your presence here, and hope you’ll be coming back! 🙂

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