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05 Oct / Check Out the People From My John of God Trip

I made it back! Many of those who had previously been to John of God told me that the real work starts once we return back to regular life. Can’t wait to see what it brings! So far, shifts are happening…while I continue to miss Brazil. I burst into tears this week when I received pictures of the group I spent this journey with (the incredible New Zealanders – and Diana from Australia!).

It’s amazing how much I miss the people, Brazil and the experience. Right now, I’m doing my best to trust the process. Each day brings new shifts in my life, and as Gordon, Peter and Colin continually reminded me–I must “go with the flow”.

Now, onto the photos, top to bottom:

-New Zealand Group (that adopted me!) L to R (starting in the back row): Peter, Mandi, Me, Gordon, Catherine (Luz Divina pousada owner from Phoenix, Ariz.) Colin, Catherine, Gareth, Ainsley, Lorraine & Maddie. I MISS THEM – COOLEST PEOPLE EVER!

-One of our dinners in the Luz Divina outdoor dining area.

-Lovely Lorraine in one of the hammocks. A dear heart of a woman.

-Peter and Maddie. Peter is the tour guide/naturopath/kick-ass guy I mentioned above.

-Maddie & I. She is 23 and has traveled all over the world. New Zealanders just know how to do it right! What is WRONG with the U.S.A and its measly 1 week vacations??

-Mandi & I. Super cool, amazing chick.

-Colin & I in the labyrinth. We watched the sunset from this spot. Just an amazing time in my life that I’ll never forget!

-Me in the hammock – a place I spent a lot of “processing” time during my stay.

So…after reading about my journey do you wish to go to Brazil to see John of God? (This is one of those things in life you are called to, so you’ll know if so.)

If so, I highly recommend going with Peter Waugh. Peter is not only an amazing guide, but an incredible naturopath and human being. Luckily, Peter and his group adopted me during my stay and included me in excursions to the blessed waterfall, soup kitchen and team meetings. He also helped me when I went before John of God (he speaks Portuguese). You do not want to go to Brazil without Peter. Trust me. He makes all the difference.

I am forever changed from this trip. I plan to continue to document this experience, so stay tuned!

Much love, blessings and eternal peace,

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