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25 Jan / Breaking the Email Addiction

I have a problem. A big problem.

I’m addicted to email. It’s ridiculous. I log more hours on the computer than I would ever like to keep track of. The thing that keeps me coming back for more?That damn refresh button on gmail. Maybe a publisher has gotten back to me and is eager to publish my book, maybe a long-lost classmate will reach out to connect with me…the possibilities go on and on.

My only solution was to quit cold turkey.
I used my recent 10-day vacation to Kauai as a way to kick the email habit. I didn’t take my laptop and made sure that the place I was staying didn’t have a computer either. I was shocked to discover that when one is basking in the sun, the thought of email is completely eliminated. I didn’t even feel the itch to login. I was sure I was healed.

Fast forward 4 weeks to present day, and my email addiction is back. It’s not as paralyzing as it was pre-Kauai, but it’s still there. I’ve limited myself – when I’m on the phone coaching (which is most of the day) I will only let myself check personal email at lunch time and after work. But, I still keep getting the nagging feeling to go completely off the grid. All the time. Is that possible??

The problem is that my work — writing and coaching — almost exclusively require computer and email time. Well, that’s not entirely true. For writing, I only really need access to a browser to search for resources, and word processing for actual writing. For coaching, I don’t need the Internet at all, unless we’re working specifically on locating resources for job and career transitions.

So, there is potentially a lot of time to NOT be on email…right?
I only wish there was a way to do my work and not be stationary all day.

Any ideas?
How do you keep the email addiction at bay?
What strategies do you use to stay focused and be in the moment–not sidetracked by email?

Leave your tips here!

Much love,
Heather 🙂

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  • Michele

    I guess this is something most freelancers – and probably just folks in general – deal with, eh? I haven’t completely cured myself, either. Every time I force myself to stay away, I log back in only to truly find an editor or client had email a couple hours earlier! That’s no fair! LOL So, then I feel like a snail in my later response. 😉


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