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22 Mar / On Call in Kauai – Trying On A Whole New Life

“Who would you be if you did not do whatever you do every day?…When we open to this constant call, we remember why we are here and allow this knowledge to create a new and fluid story colored with that knowledge and never mistaken for all of who we are.” The Call by Oriah Mountain Dreamer

In the middle of my realization that I have been identifying who I am with my friends, my work and my environment, I read this chapter, so eloquently written by Oriah. Her words are so lyrical, they are much like a nurturing touch to my soul. They remind me that I am not my story, and that this current opportunity is a chance to awaken to that which I really am – at my core. What are the odds that I would be reading this book during the very time I am experiencing this? Life is magic. This I know.

For me, the blessing of Kauai is the opportunity to be alone in this world, be with myself and create something completely new and different. My life is nothing like what it was before. My days are spent in entirely new ways and I’m being exposed to a pace of life that is totally unfamiliar to me. Yet all of this often comes to me with surprising ease. I do not feel like a foreigner here, I feel…at home. Even when I am clearly not at home. I find that it is easier to slip into mulitple moments of meditation and multiple moments of movement. The pace, in so many ways, suits me.

To give you an idea, below are some of the new ways I am BEING in Kauai:
-belly dancing
-practicing yoga daily
-spending time with the ocean every day
-eating more veggies than I ever have in my entire life (in fact, I have a lentil soup in the crockpot at this very moment)
-eating foods straight from a local organic farm, and my backyard
-dancing freely
-writing poetry
-wearing zero makeup
-not straightening my hair (there’s no point anyway, the humidity here gives me the biggest hair known to man)
-wearing skirts and shorts and tanktops – every day

Some of these things I could do in an urban environment. But, for some reason, I needed to come here to try on an entirely new type of life. I had asked John of God, as I mentioned previously, for a whole new life. That was 6 months ago. In 6 months I got exactly what I asked for.

Life Lesson: You can have whatever you ask for. Want something? Ask God/Spirit/The Universe, etc. for it – and it will come into your life – as long as you are willing to flow with what life presents to you. It’s freaking amazing!

So, here I am – in the middle of “the call”.
While it may sound rather lovely all of the time, it’s also quite disconcerting. I burst into tears today when multiple things did not go the way I needed them too – because I live in a small, island town. I cannot live my life in the way I have in the past. Pushing/forcing/demanding life to cooperate does not work. I suppose it never did, but in the space I’m in now, it seems all the more obvious.

My dreams are ridiculously vivid, synchronistic and sometimes prophetic. I keep having a very similar dream over and over again – so if you know anything about dream analysis – please reach out – I would love to get some feedback on what is coming up for me. The poetry is pouring out of me and I’m reading such rich poetry and work by one of my favorite authors/poets – Maya Angelou. Another poet that is bringing me much inspiration is Portland’s own Sage Cohen. If you don’t have Like the Heart, The World – pick it up today. It’s absolutely delicious.

Above are some pictures from my recent trip to Hanalei.
As I near my 31st year, I am amazed and surprised by myself. I am so much more than I thought I could ever be. I love it when that happens!

I’ll be spa-ing it up tomorrow (when I typically write this blog) ALL day, as I received a day at the spa as a birthday present and I am oh so grateful.

Missing and loving you all!

Pictures from top to bottom:
-Surfers at Poipu Beach
-Ocean at Hanalei
-Me at the Kilauea Lighthouse in Hanalei
-Taro farm – grass hut
-Taro plantation
-Ocean at Hanalei
-Flowers on the North Shore
-Tourists playing football at sunset at Shipwrecks beach
-Shipwrecks beach near sunset
-Hoku Foods (my savior!)
-Most amazing church in Hanalei – built in 1835 – the energy was reminiscent of the churches in Brazil!
-Cliff by Kilauea Lighthouse
-Caves in Hanalei – any idea why the people in the lower left hand corner are all whited out? No flash was on. When Rich took pictures of me there – my face was totally whited out. Bizarro. Some crazy spiritual energy over there!

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  • j

    “Pushing/forcing/demanding life to cooperate does not work. I suppose it never did, but in the space I’m in now, it seems all the more obvious.” – Beautiful and absolutely true. Something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. The timing of this reminder could not have been more perfect. Thank you 🙂


  • Sage

    Thanks for the shout-out, Heather! Gorgeous photos!

  • Alyssa

    Girl, you continue to be an inspiration. SO happy for you and thanks for sharing your journey. Keep on smiling!!! xoxoxo ~Alyssa

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