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04 Nov / Chips for Dessert? Try Cinnamon Food Should Tast Good Chips

After a month traveling to Spain, France and good ole Portland, Ore., I returned exhausted and without much food to eat. And that’s when I decided to open a bag of Food Should Be Good chips – for dinner. These chips are so good, I’m blogging about them, rather than unpacking.

My favorite (I was hungry, okay?!): Cinnamon. They have the most divine salty sweet combo – without the guilt. There’s zero GMO’s or preservatives and they’re 100% gluten/dairy-free. Oh, and the chocolate flavor isn’t too bad either. This company is genius – who would have thought to combine my two favorite guilty pleasures into one item: chocolate and chips?? YUM.

Up the yum-factor by dipping the dessert chips in nut butter – I recommend Trader Joe’s Sunflower Seed butter – for an even more decadent dessert. You can also check out their Sweet Potato and Lime flavors; two of my additional non-dessert fave’s.

Okay, now back to the unpacking.

But, first I’ll have another chip…

Happy Eating!
Heather 🙂

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