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09 Apr / NaPoWriMo Day 9: Serve


it no longer serves –
the withholding
sideways glances
the fear.

it no longer serves
keeping the love inside
keeping our hands to ourselves
laying awake at night stewing
over inconceivable wrongs.

it no longer serves
for me to hate you for being you
to make you the enemy of my demise
to judge you for your supposed inadequacies.

it no longer serves
to feel separate for the sake of separateness
to act as though we cannot connect
simply because we are different.

it no longer serves
this idle wasting of human potential
the waiting for life to turn in our favor
when all it takes is deciding, making a choice
and then voila! it is done.

will you join me?
will you lay down your armor
your hardened heart, as i lay down mine?

will you enjoy this journey alongside me
whether here or miles away
knowing we are one in the same, completely connected
and that no amount of ridicule can ever make it untrue?

be kind to yourself.
and within kindness you will unearth more joy,
more love, more goodness than you can imagine.
in goodness you will find:

it no longer serves
to be anything other than love.

-Heather Strang

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