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08 Jan / Eternal Love

Drifting to sleep
I imagine you beside me
Touching me, skin to skin
Whispering the promises only our bodies can make.

In the morning
You are not there
To see my soft smile
Or the pink panties I carefully choose, your favorite pair.

Driving on the freeway
Taylor Swift croons her latest tune
Reminding me of that night
The first night our soulful love made its appearance.

Another day ends without you
Your words lay beside me
Your energy keeps me warm
And our love, our eternal love, reminds me that we’ve only just begun.

By Heather Kristian Strang in Uncategorized
  • Sarah

    Love love love.

  • Heather Strang

    Oh, so long ago! Love that you found this and commented on it. I started out as a poet, believe it or not. 🙂 Love to you! Xo

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