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04 Apr / National Poetry Month – A Poem A Day

In honor of National Poetry Month, I’ll be writing one poem a day for all of April. Since I was without computer this weekend, below are my first four poems for the first four days of April. You may notice a theme of…remembering – as this is a general theme in my life right now. Please leave comments and links to your poetry as well!

With love,


Once upon a time
there lived a girl
who dreamed of a life
with more
than slamming doors,
angry words
and sadness.
One day, the girl
set out on her own
determined to do it
all differently
and far better.
Challenges befell her,
and many a night
she faced slamming doors,
angry words
and sadness.
But, she soldiered on
sure that she deserved
more and would one day
find it.
Then, one day, she did.
On a beach with water
spread out as far as she
could see.
Suddenly, she remembered.
Her dream life lived inside of her
beyond slamming doors,
angry words
and sadness.
The peaceful life she craved
was not to be sought
after and found,
it was to be allowed
out of her soul and
birthed into this life.
The girl sighed, and
smiled her biggest smile.
She was going to be okay.


Love Asks

Love does not ask me to run
It does not ask me to hide.
Love wants my soul,
100 percent of who I really am.

But, I am scared.

Smiling bright, I
pretend that I don’t know
what it is love requires.

But, I do.

Love is asking me for surrender
For total, gut-wrenching honesty
Love wants me down on my knees
Begging for the light, yearning for all I am.

And then, I remember.

I was given this gift.
This man, this opportunity to love
And love is not asking for me to play
the same, old, tired games.

Love is demanding my full participation
On every level – mind, body, soul.

And so, I do.


I Am Here

I am not good enough
for your program,
your magazine, or
your publishing house.

I won’t follow the rules
or bend to regulations of which
I find lacking and irrelevant
not to mention terribly uncreative.

I am here to write
And some days, it is wretched
But, I cannot care
I must do what I came here to do.

I didn’t come here to write for
your program,
your magazine,
or your publishing house.

I came to write my truth
I came to shine it so brightly
For all who resonated and
were drawn.

Somehow, some way it would matter
Somehow it would find its way
Into the right hands
Of my perfect people.

I thought you would understand.
Instead you bore me with
meters and rhymes and
statutes that say poetry can only look like _______.

I smile, though,
remembering that I did
not come here
for you.



My safety does not lie within you
It lies, within me.
It is buried deep.
You see, I put it somewhere so I
wouldn’t forget.
Although, like those pesky car keys,
I often do forget.
But now, now I am remembering:
It is me
I am me
It all adds up to one – me.

Copyright 2011 Heather Strang

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  • nadya

    These sound yummy!
    Is there a reason you use canola oil? I love coconut (& appreciate the health benefits) – & avoid the unsaturated oils – esp canola, as it’s one of the big GMO crops. I use some palm shortening for baking, & olive oil for salads.

    Flax is my favorite egg sub – my (grown) daughter’s allergic to egg yolks – & SO MANY GF recipes call for extra eggs. This weekend I used a combo of OG applesauce & squash blended with coconut milk as the ‘liquid’ part of my flax egg in coconut macaroons for a dessert potluck.
    Fun blog!

  • Sheikhhasmat

    I am 25 years old and I am a very health constious person and I am avoiding sugar. I use natvia instead of sugar because natvia is controlling the level of sugar in our blood. Natvia is sweeter than sugar and contains only .6 calories which is much less than sugar.


  • Anonymous

    Yes Michelle, they are meant to be flourless. They are my fave’s. You can even add a little protein powder to them too (I just started doing this). Enjoy! xoHeather

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