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21 Jun / Gluten/Dairy/Soy-Free Breakfast Tortilla

At a recent visit to the PSU Farmer’s Market, I discovered HeidiHo Organics featuring dairy-free cheese. And so, I’ve been on the hunt for ways to consume this delicious cheese. I purchased the Chipotle Cheddar and find that it’s perfect shredded on my salads (even better on taco salad!) and in this recent breakfast creation.

Egg Tortilla

1 brown rice tortilla (prefer Trader Joe’s brand)
2 leaves of fresh kale
5 halved cherry tomatoes
1/8 c shredded HeidiHo Organics chipotle cheddar cheese
2 cage-free eggs, fried or scrambled (you choose!)

Put shredded cheese on tortilla, followed by kale and tomatoes. Fry up eggs, season with pink sea salt. After eggs are finished, place on top of tortilla. Place tortilla in skillet on low heat until cheese is melted. Eat with a fork or fold over and eat like a burrito. Please note: be mindful of how long you cook the tortilla, as brown rice tortillas become exceptionally hard if over cooked. Keep on low heat and watch the tortilla carefully.

Happy Eating!

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