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30 Mar / Kinnikinnick’s Soft Bread Makes the Perfect Breakfast Treat

Last week as my birthday approached, I carefully planned my menu. What treats would I indulge in? I surprised myself by going back to the basics (dark chocolate, toast, red wine – you know, the good stuff). So my birthday breakfast was one of my all-time fave’s – toast, sunflower seed butter and sliced banana. I’m a simple girl, clearly.

This time though I mixed it up with Kinnikinnick’s white, soft bread. At 70 calories a slice, it is tasty and there’s no need to worry about calories (as if you were anyway – calorie counting is so lame – I just couldn’t believe how low-cal the slices were!). Check out my quick and delicious breakfast go-to. This will last you from morning until noon.

Birthday Breakfast!

One slice of Kinnikinnick’s white, soft bread (gluten/dairy/soy-free of course)
1-2 T of Trader Joe’s Sunflower Seed butter
1 organic, sliced banana

Toast bread, spread on sunflower seed butter and top with sliced banana. Remaining banana can be sliced in half and coated with sunflower seed butter for an additional treat or if you’re still hungry.

Happy Eating!

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  • Fathers day chocolate

    I think you should have treated yourself with a colorful club sandwich. A bit of apple and strawberry layered over sunflower seed butter could have done wonders.

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