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01 Jul / When Life Teaches Us What We Need To Know

carkeysI keep having the same experience over and over again the past couple of weeks.

I’ll be in some kind of hurry – heading out the door and grabbing my water bottle, leaving the gym and mindlessly rehashing a conversation that didn’t go well, running late for a meet-up with my bestie –¬† and suddenly I cannot find the cap to my water bottle anywhere, my phone has gone “missing” at the gym, and my keys are no where to be found. So there I am, scurrying around, searching everywhere, and cursing like mad. I am pissed off. I feel frustrated and exasperated.

At myself.
When I tune into my self-talk I’m directing my anger at myself.
Now, first, I have to point out, this is a big improvement. Having been raised by two parents enmeshed in victim consciousness, along with spending 24 years as part of a fundamentalist Christian sect that thrives on victimization – I would typically be running around my home/gym cursing the Universe. Why was it choosing today to misplace my bottle cap/phone/keys?

So now that I’ve finally cleared that up – thank you BodyTalk – I’m on to berating myself. (And yes, I’ll be taking this realization into my next BodyTalk session.)

But then, it gets even more interesting.

Once I tap Cortices, take some deep breathes and distract myself to a different task at hand, the location of bottle cap/phone/keys appears. Once I shut my mind’s conditioned responses off (blame) the answer appears.

And guess what? My bottle cap/phone/keys were never actually missing.

They were right where I last put them (cap in dishwasher, phone in my gym shoe in my gym bag, keys in the last jacket pocket I wore).

Even though it appears that something has gone “wrong” and that I’ll be late/won’t be able to have client phone sessions/see my friend (or whatever other catastrophic thought my mind can conjure) – nothing is wrong at all. The only thing that has happened is that I’ve forgotten something very, very important.

I had the answer already.

I knew the location of the “lost” or “missing” item. But it was only when I slowed down, stopped rushing, re-balanced my brain with Cortices and relaxed into myself that the answer could be accessed by ME.

Not someone else, not something else, not anything other than ME.
That once the mind-crazies were cleared the truth could emerge.

And that’s how I view BodyTalk. It clears the mind-crazies so we can know our truth. It’s not me who has the answers or explanations for my clients, or for anyone. What I do have is a dynamic tool that uses the principles of bio-energetics and quantum physics to support the clearing of the mind clutter, the releasing of the conditioning, the unwinding of the story. When that happens the answers are known.

One of my clients recently got off the table, beaming. She said to me, “I love how the minute I have a BodyTalk session, everything I’ve been worrying about and stressing over becomes clear to me. I just know whatever it is I need to know.”

So, the question for you is – will you allow yourself to know your truth?

I have some clients who consistently ask me for my take on their life. While I love using my intuition, I can’t ever give anyone answers to their truth¬† – no one can. And none of us should listen to any intuitive/healer/psychic/guide unless what they say resonates at such a deep soul level, you can feel the truth (chills, tears, a strong “yes” inside, etc).

Because the truth is, we already know the way. We just have to be willing to show up for ourselves, to show up for our life, to allow the clearing to take place and allow ourselves to connect to our truth.

That means slowing down, meditating, spending time journaling, being in the quiet, being with ourselves. In a world that is connected 150 percent of the time this can be challenging. But this is it. This is how we truly do the “work” to live our most authentic, connected, vulnerable, joyful life.

Will you join me?

I would love to hear from you – how is life teaching you these days? Leave your comments below.

With so much love & gratitude for all that you are and all that you are becoming,



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  • Teri Ellsworth

    For years my guides have told me ‘IT” was simple. If “IT” was so simple, why wasn’t I getting ‘IT’? Why was ‘IT’ so hard? Thousand of books, workshops, self-recrimination for doing “IT” wrong.

    In a few simple paragraphs you describe clearing, releasing and unwinding. I am struck by the humor and joy in the Universe.
    Isn’t it funny that the joke is on us!!!

    Tapping CORTICES to get our own attention!! Ha Ha

    Pretty SIMPLE! thanks so much for your powerful words!

  • 3487855

    Yaay! I love how simple it really is. I apparently need that reminder A LOT! Thank you for sharing. Love to you! Xo

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