Heather Kristian Strang | What The Future Holds is Extraordinary – A Transmission From The JOGs


24 Oct / What The Future Holds is Extraordinary – A Transmission From The JOGs


It is on this Divine Day that we want you to know that what is coming for you, what your future holds is extraordinary. It is extraordinary as never before have the vibrational components been assembled in the way that they are, you have never before been the you that you now are and you have never before had the opportunity that you now have to more consciously, more intentionally, more co-creatively experience a life that is not only like a vacation but which serves the greater whole in ways you have never before served the greater whole.

Why now? Why here? Why you? Well, you of course know the answers to these questions for they were the answers that you aligned with to allow yourselves to be here, right now in a body even able to read these words. Think now for just a moment of all of the actions you had to take to be right here, right where you are right now reading these words.

Who did you have to meet? What online tool did you have to use? What made this very alignment possible? Can you imagine all of the connecting points that have led to this Divine moment where your blessed eyes could read and take in this blessed transmission that has been crafted, co-created just for you?

That’s right, if your eyes are reading this, this transmission has been co-created and crafted just for you.

Because you are an important, dare we say imperative, component of what is to come in the days and weeks and months to follow.

Do you know this?

Can you allow yourself to feel this?

We have talked to you before about answering the call deep within you and by now you must know that this call is now at a roar, this call is the deepest, truest call of who you really are that is ravenous for your attention and action that will allow you to live a life that will bring you the greatest joy, fulfillment, good will, abundance, Love and peace that you have never even been able to imagine for yourself.

Do you know this? That how incredible your life longs to be, this life, this body that you chose, longs to be far surpasses what you could have planned or even dreamed up?

And we know you try to plan.

You try managing – and by manage we mean with a impenetrable grip control – your life unfolding. You think that makes you “responsible” and that such action will ensure you with a life that is all of the things we have mentioned above.

But it will not our dear ones, it will not. A controlled, heavily scheduled, heavily planned life will burn you out, it will stress you out, it will wear on your body, it will age you, it will hurt you, it will provide less than the magnificence you are here for. You know this, you feel this, we know you do. You of course need not take our word for it though, simply look around at the heavily scheduled and planned and controlled ones among you. Are they living the life of their dreams? Really, can you see the peace and ease on their faces, can you feel the breath of fresh air that they contain when they walk into a room?

That is what you’re looking for our dear ones. Those who when they walk into a room light up the entire room, not from their boastfulness or grandeur but from their very aligned presence with All-That-Is and with the path of their Destiny. That is not only what you are looking for in those you surround yourselves with but it is what you are desiring for yourself.

And so, the time has come.

It has arrived for you to extend your experience of this life into one of greater alignment with the whole of you and therefore greater alignment with the whole of this world that you are in and with the collective consciousness that you are supporting through your vibrational offering whether you know it or not.

And that is why beginning in November we are sharing with you twice weekly transmissions that are unprecedented, beyond what we have ever shared before about the true nature of your life unfolding and what is needed by you and what is being called forth by you to live a life that you say you never have to take a vacation from and we say your life of magic, your life that you always intended to live.

We will be in our 11/11 call with Heather sharing with you about the next steps for those of you awake and aware on this path, that now is the time to co-create Love portals and we will share with you specific details in the this call and in the calls and months that follow through your “new year” – which is to be a new year unlike you have ever experienced before, we promise you that – on how you can be all that you never knew you could be and is all that you most came here to be.

That sounds like quite a tall order, does it not?

And yet, it is what you are here for, it is what this time is about as more and more of your illusions fall away and more and more of your greatest truth brings itself into your peripheral vision. It will take you following guidance and taking the steps to allow the full expansion and expression of your life of magic, however, if you do, you will co-create for yourself a life you never have to take a vacation from which includes what you never knew that you desired – a Love portal that will serve you and the territory you are here to serve in magnificent ways. You will also experience from your alignment a greater sense of clarity of purpose and true abundance consciousness – far greater than you can currently conceive.

We are tuning in and seeing those of you that are called to this expanded journey with us, that are ready to be the true Lightbearers that you are – not, not only in word or voluminous expressions, but in action, in life, in transforming the vibrations that must be elevated and transformed for you to know what you came here most to know, for you to remember what you most desired to remember and for you to live as you most desired to live.

We see it as so.

And so it is.

It is so.


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Loving you so! XoHK & The JOGs

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  • Darcy

    And so, this came just as I was having it out with God – “why does this have to be so hard? I followed your guidance into this project, and where are you?” Letting go… allowing room for the Divine to do its work. Thank you. -DS

  • Heather Strang

    Yes, it’s a must! Funny how we “follow” the guidance with our agenda firmly in tow, thinking we know how it is meant to unfold. This time in consciousness is taking us all in new directions and we will be served well by surrendering our will and following Divine Will. Love Portals are up next! 🙂 Love to you! XO

  • Kim

    I am so excited to be part of this unfolding. Heather and the JOGs – Thanks for holding the space for all of us to expand and grow and uplevel the consciousness of those around us!

  • Heather Strang

    Yes, you are so welcome! It is such an honor and so exciting to be on this journey together. So much Love & Magic to you, Xo

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