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09 Nov / The JOGs Respond to the U.S. Election


For many months now we have alluded to the very unfolding you are now experiencing. We have entreated you and invited you and asked that you search within yourself to that deeper call and to allow that deeper call to carry you forward.

Do you know now what that deeper call is? Can you see how that deeper call is not separate from recent events, but actually inextricably linked?

We will guide you further here…

Many of you answered this call, many of you felt the pull and began to facilitate changes in your life to support what is now upon you and what is to come, but many more of you chose to turn in the other direction.

It is a time of great unearthing for you. It is a time of great clarity for you.

It is a time for you to remember what you and the majority of your planet has forgotten.

That the nature of this reality when steeped in fighting and hatred begets continued fighting and hatred. You cannot push against a person or a candidate or a movement or a corporate action without activating the very thing you say you wish not to happen.

Are we telling you that you created this what you may call mess that the United States and the world is now in? Yes, very clearly we will tell you that each of you contributed to this unfolding in ways that many of you only know privately – your inner hatreds, your inner prejudices, your inner judgements.

But we share this with you not to shame you or to vilify you or even those who now hold office, we share this with you because when you understand that you are part of the “problem”, you can then actively take action to be part of the solution.

And many, many solutions exist for you. Creative solutions you had not imagined were possible for you. And yet, they do exist.

But first, our dear ones, you must grieve. You must let yourself cry.
You must let yourself wail, you must let yourself feel what desires to be felt by you.

Those of you impacted by this turn of events on a deep Soul level are feeling it the strongest – meaning those of you who are of the Divine Feminine and have watched what you call witch trials in lifetimes previous as well as those of you who have in lifetimes previous been part of the collective being so very close to shifting and then watching it again and again choose another direction entirely – you are the ones feeling this pain most. It is the wounds of your Soul. You have put so many lifetimes of desire and energy in seeing the collective rise to its aligned placement, to seeing it recognize its potentiality. And then again, you return here to the unconscious, to what many would call the shadow and to what others would call the ego and what we call complete misalignment with the Source within.

Round and round you have gone, consciousness choosing time after time to return here.

And if you will remember our dear ones, we have talked to you in transmissions previous about this very aspect of your individual and collective unfolding, this patterning, this coming back around-ness and what it means for you and for all. And we have told you before and we will tell you again, what this round and round return to the unconscious is asking of you is this:

To remember.

To remember the Light with which you and all beings are made of. Not only made of, of which you are in every essence, in every molecule, in every aspect of your being.

Buried beneath layers of pain, of hurt, of shame, of disregard, of abandonment of your true self lies the Light. Lies the Light of Source and it is within every single one of you. But you forget this – about yourself, and about your elected officials and about those around you and about the drivers on the road and about those in parts of the country or the world that you have now decided must be without any sense or logic.

And so then, in this forgotten, asleep state…

You have tried fighting. You have tried pushing against, you have tried berating yourselves and one another, you’ve tried sarcasm and dark humor and what do you call them – memes. You have tried hurting each other and killing each other and name-calling and screaming and wailing in defiance of all that is occuring.

You have blamed each other. You have blamed us. You have blamed Source. You have blamed All-That-Is.

Lifetime after lifetime after lifetime you carry on in this way.

You have what you call died and what we call making your transition, right here in this place of fight and blame and hurt. You have blatantly lied about what was truly in your hearts. You have raged on and on and on.

Because you said it is what you must do. Because you have said it’s the only way. Because you have forgotten.

And because you have forgotten, you return to this place again and again and again.

You return lifetime after lifetime to hatred and diminishment of the Divinity of all.

And now you are here again at this same old pattern, that you have and many of you who have lived many, many lifetimes have lived so many times before.

And what will you do now our dear ones?

Will you keep fighting? Will you keep making your transition in these fights? Will you keep hurting one another?

We are asking you, inviting you, encouraging you to cease this pattern, to cease this behavior, to cease telling yourselves the lie that it is you versus them and that you must fight for your survival. What are you fighting for? You will survive or not survive and then you will come back and do it again. There is nothing to fear here anyway. So put down your sword, put down your armor, put down your mobile device. We had to throw that in as that is your new sword, do you not know? You have evolved, but you are still like the petulant child who while now has fancier toys continues the same methodologies that never worked and never will work.

You so want someone to be wrong and someone to blame here, but we wish for none of that for any of you. It is so hard on your bodies when you live in this way, can you feel this?

So now, now you are upon this momentous occasion and the fight must stop. The fight must end. The pushing against never works our dear ones. Do you notice this?

You might make what you call progress for a short time but always you return back here.

And so what does that require of you now, what does that mean? What is necessary for you now?

What is necessary for you now is to abandon that old, useless strategy. What is now is for you to do the one thing you have never ever allowed yourself to attempt because your hearts were too armored, too afraid for this true call deep within you. It is now time for you to do that which you have never been able to do.

Why? Because your own unconscious was fighting the unconscious of your perceived enemy. That’s all it is our dear ones, that’s all it is.

And so rather than battling out your shadow aspects with the others shadow aspects, we want you to do this:

Wrap this person up in your Loving embrace. Kiss their cheeks. Tell them how much you Love them.

That’s right, we want you smothering one another in hugs and kisses.

We are not joking with you even for a second here.

How do you tame a child in a tantrum? How do you rationalize with a wounded animal or child? Do you sit down and lay out your points, does screaming back close up in their face (or on their screen) work, does physically hurting them stop the pain? Maybe for a few moments, but never for the long term. All it does is simply cause more pain, more grief, and – haven’t you noticed? – bigger, more elaborate fights.

So here you are. The unconscious has been unleashed as the primary leader of the U.S. Government.

And this unconsciousness is a mirror for all that is unconscious within you and within all, and this unconsciousness – as is true of all unconsciousness – cannot be rationalized with or fought with or sat down and made to see the error of his/her ways.

It can only be Loved.

It can only be held in a Loving embrace.

It can only be blessed.

It can only be slathered in a vibration of Love so rich and so true that it has no other choice than to do what that pesky young child does, quiet down, allow the Light to flow in and remember – it is Loved. It is Love.

We are not saying that this will be the “easiest” task you have ever undertaken.

But aren’t you quite tired our dear ones of fighting, of trying to control the uncontrollable?

Even you on this spiritual path will say, “we must lift the darkness up.” No, our dear ones, you must not. You must not try to get anyone anywhere they cannot be.

You must clear yourself of your own self-hatred and judgment and pain (and we will add here you do this by embracing and Loving your own unconscious as well as doing the following, just like you would that small child or government or “stranger” or significant other) and then look into that ones eyes and say to them with all of the sincerity that is available to you:

I am so sorry for my part in causing this pain in our life, in our world.

And I Love you so much, from the core of me, I truly Love you.

Please forgive me, as I also forgive myself and I also forgive you. We were simply hurt, wounded Souls taking our hurt out on one another.

I ask and I pray that you be blessed, in every way available to you at this time.

We have had Heather chanting what is known as Hoʻoponopono which is similar in nature to what we shared above. Why? You must take your power back our dear ones, and to do so you must take full responsibility for all that causes you pain and then take daily action from the only thing that will ever transform the unconscious, which is Love.

And we have to be clear with you here, you are not taking this action, following these next steps so that you will “get” the “end result” you “think you should have”. You are doing this because you are done with the fight. You are done with the raging, you are done with trying to control outcomes.

You are doing it because all that is left within you is Love.

And that our dear ones is why you are where you are today.

Down on your knees, too exhausted to offer up anything other than Love.

May that Love guide you. May it direct you.

For it is the only option you have never – in any previous lifetime or any other time in consciousness previous – fully made yourself available to. And it is the only option you have never actually carried through.

Until now.

May it be so. And may you be blessed.

And so it is.

It is so.


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Loving you so! XoHK & The JOGs

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  • Danielle Louise Ross

    Thank you, Heather for this timely post and for reminding us all that the light and the power is within us. xoxo

  • Helen McConnell

    Thank you Heather and JOGs!

  • Heather Strang

    You are so welcome Helen! So many blessings and Much Love to you.
    I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. XoHK

  • Heather Strang

    You are so welcome love.
    I love you.
    I’m sorry.
    Please forgive me.
    Thank you.

  • Deborah

    A wonderful, loving voice in the “wilderness”. Thank you Heather!

  • Heather Strang

    You are so very welcome lovely.
    I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. Xo

  • Freddy D. Gerow

    Wonderful! And, TRULY, my first gut reaction at 4;30 am was “Oh you POOR man. God help you and all of us”

    Love, ❤️️ Freddy

  • Rev. Christine Green

    Thanks so much. I needed this.

  • Heather Strang

    You are so welcome beautiful.
    I love you.
    I’m sorry.
    Please forgive me.
    Thank you.
    XoHeather Kristian

  • Heather Strang

    Haha, right? I actually said many times, “God please help us all” And God/Source/Universe/Goddess (whatever term resonates for you) IS. This pain is opening us all up more fully to do what we REALLY came here to do. So much Love to you Freddy – so happy you are in this swirl with me & The JOGs.
    I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.

  • Kim

    This has been so helpful to me Heather, Thank you and the JOGS.

  • Heather Strang

    You are so welcome love.
    And we are so happy you felt the alignment of this.

    Loving you so, XoHK & The JOGs

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