Heather Kristian Strang | The JOGs Respond to Recent U.S. Government Actions, And What’s to Come


25 Jan / The JOGs Respond to Recent U.S. Government Actions, And What’s to Come

It is at this great time in your consciousness that you are presented with an opportunity to not only know more than you’ve ever known but to act in a way you have never acted before. To with great resolve anchor firmly into your conviction of … Spirit. Of Peace. Of Love. Of Loving-Kindness. Of delight. Of joy.

Now we know you wanted or expected us to perhaps give you something more fierce in that we would inspire you to fight, resist or rebel against that which is now occurring in your unfolding. But as you well know and as we have shared with you, the primary reaction of the unconscious, of the shadow, of the ego – as some call it – is to fight. It is to resist, it is to say, “This cannot happen.”

And do you know what happens when you do this dear ones?

The others on the “other side” as you often call it – and we will tell you we do not appreciate when you refer even to non-physical as the “other side” as there is no other side anywhere, we are all in this together! – in their unconscious, in their ego, in their shadow say to you, “Oh, let me show you – this will happen, this is happening, watch this.” And then those who it has “happened to” in their anger and shadow and unconscious say, “Well, we’ll fight harder, we’ll fight more, we’ll gather more of us together to show you” and then those in their unconscious say, “Oh no, we’ll show you. We are bigger, we are more powerful and we can just kill you if you keep this up.” And on and on it goes.

You know this storyline very well though, do you not?

It is a storyline that you have watched play out again and again throughout all of history, throughout all of your many lifetimes really. You’ve watched as the in the body shadow, the unconscious, the ego fights and fights and fights, making bits of progress here and there by means of force and repression while also creating heaps of messes and heaps of destruction as well.

Would you like to be done with this cycle our dear ones? Would you like to be through with this darkness leading the charge? We know that at the depths of you this is what you truly desire.

And it is a good thing. It is a good thing to be finished, to be complete, to be over what is no longer working and has in truth never truly worked. Worked in the sense that if the pattern continues to repeat time and again, there is not a full healing occurring, there is not a full release of the distortion energy, all that has been done is a repression or a beating back of the energy, but still the pain, the wounds remain. Why? Because they have never been properly or we shall say in an aligned manner addressed and nurtured and Loved back into the Light of Source, and the Light of Source is where all things must return to. And so, it is a valuable and aligned thing to surrender the fight on trying to change that which wishes to occur.

It’s like trying to hold back the waves of an ocean, have you noticed? You are using all of your effort to stop something from happening. But dear ones we want you to know what is happening in your world is what has to happen. It’s the only possible path with the current collective consciousness, with all of the free will choices you and all have made over lifetimes, this was always going to re-occur, re-occur for you to give it another shot as it were, to transcend it with the only thing that will ever heal or release or shift anything fully – Love. True, pure, unadulterated Source Love.

Did you really think that you could continue on indefinitely behaving in this way anyway?

Did you really think you could avoid knowing that your anger, that your darkness, that your unconscious was the impediment to the Divine, to all that you desire, to the greatness that is calling you?

There was no way it was going to go on forevermore our dear ones, there was no way. It had to come to this, you Divinely called it forth, do you realize this?

And so we will tell you – as we have shown Heather Kristian – that you are coming to an end. You are coming to a completion of that which has been around for far too long. Those who insist on remaining anchored in the what you call 3rd dimension, or physical-only based reality, will suffer. In this 3D reality there are immense struggles for power, it is where all that you would deem as “dark” – which is simply a repression of the Light – in the human consciousness is exposed. It is not a comfortable place to be, unless you are in a state of extreme power, but even then, what drives the strong strokes of those in these positions is extreme fear, extreme inner pain and turmoil combined with a misaligned thought process that they must assert their power over others before others can harm them. This is hardly a comfortable means with which to live this life unfolding, we promise you that.

And so our dear ones, what is left for you? If there is not the 3D physical-only reality to anchor into, what can you anchor into?

You can anchor into what we have always instructed and guided and encouraged and now our dear ones we are becoming rather demanding because we are so wanting you to get this – now is the time where you anchor into Source, into your Higher Wisdom (which is Source, your Higher Self & your Guides & Angels of the Highest Light) and now is the time where all that is not aligned with the core of who you really are in your life must be aligned.

Actions must be taken. There is no more delay, we have told you this, have we not?

For what is occurring in your world is occurring because it is the natural trajectory of that which is in opposition to All-That-Is. It is the natural trajectory of eons of allowing the darkness to remain dark, for avoiding going deep within your emotional and spiritual bodies. It is what has to occur.

So now that you are settling into this, you can clean up your energy leakages that say, “this can’t happen, I must stop it.”

You cannot stop it our dear ones, you cannot.

Do you understand this? You cannot stop it because you literally summoned these occurrences to occur through your tremendous desire for Peace. For Love. For Spirit. For living a life that is filled with spaciousness and joy and abundance and who you truly are. You also cannot stop what is occurring from the basic energetic premise that anytime you attempt to stop anything you are only adding to it. It is a basic principle of energy. It is a basic principle of energy that has been known for eons but which some continue to ignore. What you focus your attention on for any reason including to “stop it” becomes more from your focus on it.

This does not mean however that there is nothing you can do. We have told you, there is much action for you to be taking. It simply must be aligned action to have any at all lasting and beneficial impact.

What you can do is anchor into your Spirit. Anchor into who you really are.

How do you do this? You must start first by cleaning up your life. Look at those shadows within you, and make not simply words but actions your primary operating system. Actions of Love. Release toxicity in any and all forms in your life unfolding from what you put into your body, to your relationships, to your purchases, to what media you view, to what your relationship is with your Divine Planet.

There are very specific steps we are giving to you today of what you can do during this time, and in all actuality this is what you are being asked to do as your consciousness leaves behind the “3D” and steps into what some call the “5D” or what we will call a Spirit-Led, Spirit-guided or spiritual consciousness. The only way to enter a spiritual consciousness for most is through what you are experiencing right now,  which are non-subtle explosions of sorts that illustrate what true disconnect from Source is and looks like, and thus this is why you are experiencing your current world events.

In a spiritual consciousness – which we want to clarify is who you and all are already at the core – the operating systems are Love, respect, Loving-Kindness, Grace, Ease, Humility (and not humility in a sense of “I am not worthy” but rather in a sense of looking at the others around you and seeing their Divinity and then looking in the mirror and seeing your Divinity and realizing that you are all brothers and sisters on the path – there is no one greater among you, each has their individual roles and slots as it were that fills in the blanks for the greater community and whole), Abundance, Honoring of all Living Beings which includes your Divine Planet, which as we have shared with you previously is its own Spirit and is alive as well, Honoring Spirit, Honoring Source, Honoring that you are Spirit and that the only way and the only path to success for you is through your living in this way as such.

This is what is happening now our dear ones. You cannot pretend as though it is not and in fact the manifestations in your world will get bigger and bigger to drive this point home to you.

So now what you must do is this, we will lay it out very clearly here for you so there can be no confusion about what this current time is calling you to:

1st , are you living in the community, on the land that is your sacred land? Are you living where you have a sacred contract to live and support the land? You will know this by feeling a profound Love and sacred connection with the land and community you are living in. If you do not feel this way and realize you are not living on the land that you have a Soul contract to live on, you must move to this land immediately. We are not kidding you one bit here our dear ones, you must be in the place that your Soul is calling you to, it is the only way for you to fully have the impact you are here to have at this time in consciousness. This is step 1 here.

2nd, once anchored into your sacred land, your next question is, “how may I be of service in the Highest Light capacity? How may I provide value and Love and Light and service for these ones in my community – including both your geographical community and your online Soul Tribe? Ask to be shown the way to the specific organizations, individuals, manners of which to share and uplift, etc that you are here to serve.

3rd, ask: “where is my focus? What am I talking about? What am I spending the majority of my time thinking about?” First we want to say that your financial focus must be attuned, which means you must consider every piece of currency spent as a vote as it were for what you want more of in your world. If you are buying gas, do you wish for more gas in this world? If you are buying food, is it the highest quality food that you want more of in this world? We want you exchanging currency with those you believe in, with those that you care for, with those products and services that uplift you and uplift your Divine Planet.

4th, clean up how you treat this Divine Planet of yours. If you are not using all natural products and organic foods – this must be done now. If you are not connected to a farm or famers in some way that you are supporting, this must be done now. We are asking that you allow your honoring of this sacred land that you are on to be a priority in your life and that you do not purchase one more item of anything unless it is of benefit to your Spirit and to your planet. What about all of the items and aspects that you already have you may ask? Keep what you already have and take exceptional care of it so that it lasts you the rest of this lifetime – or thereabouts we will add. In this way there is no need to bring more waste onto your Divine Planet. We want you reusing, recycling, repurposing, honoring what is already present in this world and taking wondrous care of it all in the Highest Light. Which means blessing all items and aspects, which means calling on support from your Higher Wisdom to guide you to any and all ways to repurpose and reuse and when there is a deep call from your Spirit to upgrade to “new” items ask that they be of the Highest Light and made from materials that honor your Divine Planet, including the sacred land you live on.

5th, clean up how you treat people you do not know. For the most part our dear ones, you are fairly kind to those you do know and Love, but you are rather awful to those you do not. You are in much judgement of others and their circumstances and their agreements. You are quite hateful about your current government for those in the United States and beyond. Remember, our dear ones that what you put out into the world will be returned to you and so it is of the utmost importance that you are emitting a frequency of Love for all. Period, end of story. Emit Love for all. You do not have to agree with them, you do not have to be in raucous support of them, but you do have to access Love for them. What to do with non-Loving feelings you may ask? You must clear that charge from within yourself (we have given you many tools to do this) and then send Love to them every day. Every single day in her morning ritual Heather Kristian calls upon blessings for the land, the waters and all living beings in her Love Territories, the sacred lands she is here to support and for the United States government and for the United States. She is not one who is in agreement with what is unfolding currently in her government, but she is one who stops and accesses compassion for the leaders of the country she lives in and sends them Love. Because she hopes to change them? No. Because we told her to? Well, partly, but no. She does this because she knows very clearly that the energy she sends to those ones will be bought back to her and while she understands that she is not in control of all that comes to her, she does know that the frequencies she emits cause her to interact with all that occurs from a place of Love and magic, or pain. And she prefers Love and magic.

We are very serious with you here our dear ones as you can no doubt feel. We have been telling you for over a year now that there is no more time left to linger, to drag your feet, to pretend like it’s acceptable to be out of alignment in your life. And we are telling you again now. Bring your life into alignment with your Spirit. Make living in what we have called a spiritual consciousness your #1 priority, it is the only way you truly intended to live this life anyway – which is why you are here, at this time in consciousness, experiencing all of this (imagine us waving our hands about wildly here to illustrate the “this”).

Even more simply we will say, live your life following the call of your Spirit, of who you really are guiding you. And when you do, the 5 steps we have given to you above will come to you naturally, for alignment yields the above with much ease, grace and abundance.

And so it is.

It is so.


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Loving you so! XoHK & The JOGs

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  • Shea Betten

    Wow this feels so aligned!! So many ideas in this message have been things I’ve been thinking and playing around with in the last few days, so thank you for the clarity!

  • Heather Strang

    Shea, you are amazing sister! Love that we are swirling together on this Divine journey. Keep shining your beautiful Light. Love to you, Xo

  • Elizabeth Beasley

    Exactly what I needed to hear today! I’ve been feeling some aspect of all of these sentiments for the past few weeks. So nice to see the words in front of me. So what action am I taking? I’m starting small and trying to buy & consume high quality products when I can. Lately, I’ve been drawn to support local businesses rather than chains, even if it costs more. Seems like I spend more, but I don’t need to buy as much. And for the past year I’ve been leaning towards organic, natural beauty products. My latest find is Serpent Spiral! https://www.serpentspiral.com/ It’s baby steps but I feel like I’m turning the ship around on cleaning up some of my habits and sharing my abundance with my community. 🙂

  • Heather Strang

    I love that you are leaning in and taking steps forward to honor Mother Earth and your local community/Love Territory. I just shifted to organic make-up as well, I will check out your make-up recommendation, thank you for sharing. When we live in this way we create a stream of abundance that is truly abundant in that it honors Mother Earth, our Higher Wisdom and All-That-Is. No better way to roll! Blessings & Love to you, Xo

  • Robyn Schultze

    It has been difficult to “think” kindly toward a lot of things with what is happening here in the United States today; it keeps me awake some nights. You asked us to write what we plan to do now that we know what we know: I plan to be more mindful of what is good, and loving, and tolerant and set an example for others by my own actions and words, and as the opportunities arise (I expect they will), I will share what I know. And, as my knowledge continues to expand, I will share that as well. It is a good place to move forward from. My thanks and Love to the JOGs, and to you Heather, for continuing, through these posts, to help me understand what must be done and how to manage accordingly;. I see that it is not easy, but abundantly worth it!

  • Heather Strang

    You are exactly right love. This time IS stretching us. But it is exactly what is needed for us to become more fully who we really are. Thank you for being in this swirl and being part of the solution. Much Love & Many blessings to you, Xo

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