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16 May / Step by Step Guidance for Ushering In The New Paradigm

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Perhaps you’ve noticed it – and if you read this Love Blog regularly you most certainly have – we are currently living at a time where the opportunity exists for us to usher in a whole New Paradigm of what it means to be in a body and be alive on this planet.

And while it may appear we are in the Twilight Zone with a revisit to the Nixon era on steroids, we are actually living within a powerful, sacred – we are calling it holy even – time of opportunity.

A time when we as individuals must answer the following question:

Will we continue to fight the existing systems and their collapse or will we turn our attention to creating the way creation was always meant to be – a joint venture between us and our Higher Wisdom (Source, Higher Self & Spirit Team) and our connection to our Divine Planet so that we can co-create from a grounded, anchored, Spirit-centered place?

It’s become apparent through my connection to Higher Consciousness (and I’m sure many of you are receiving the exact same message as it’s available to everyone connected to the Highest Light!) that we will all be best served by keeping our focus off the implosion of traditional systems and to instead tune our focus to our specific Dharma or Destiny – the work and the gifts we are here to give so as to co-create a New Paradigm of reality that will serve our Souls, our Planet, and the Souls of all.

While that might seem like a tall order, it’s absolutely the call of this time and it’s what we’re being asked to do.

Fortunately, when you make your focus and aim to fulfill your own Destiny, you automatically are serving the Planet and All-That-Is.

Even so, I find that we often feel overwhelmed with a task such as creating a “New Paradigm.” And so, below are specific steps you can take, beginning today, to help support this shifting into your New Reality which will then create a New Paradigm for the greater whole.

To create a New Paradigm of Money/Finances:

  • Move your money into community-based banks and/or credit unions.
  • Move your IRAs and 401ks to socially responsible funds and investment options.
  • Purchase local whenever possible.
  • Grow some of your own food, if possible. If not possible, join a CSA to support a local farm.
  • Only have credit cards from socially conscious financial institutions.
  • Vote with your dollars, which means spend your money on what you want to see more of in your/our world. Support small / independent businesses and those who you feel a Soul resonance with.
  • Connect with 1 or more organizations that are spreading Peace, Love & abundance in the world that you can regularly support with your dollars and if possible volunteer time.

To create a New Paradigm of Education:

  • Move your child/ren out of public educational systems and into alternative or charter educational models.
  • Join forces with your local neighborhood or community and start a group home school program.
  • College? Find alternative forms of study that train you in what you desire so that you can immediately put your skills into action. Creatives – let go of the false belief that you need a specific type of college education to write or make art or be part of any creative services. If your path requires a formal education apply for every scholarship available to you and get benefactors who will fund your education, some to pay back and some where the funds are tax-deductible (for them), and a gift (for you).

To create a New Paradigm of Healthcare:

“The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.” -Thomas Edison

  • Only use Western medicine for experiences such as broken limbs or in extreme cases surgery or if your Higher Wisdom directly guides you to use Western medicine for a specific purpose.
  • Create a support team of 2-3 health practitioners that you have a deep connection with. Options for these practitioners can be acupuncture, naturopathic care, energy medicine, therapist or specialized healing practitioners. You can receive community acupuncture at reduced costs and attend a naturopathic school for reduced cost care if you are concerned about financial costs. Check with your accountant to see if you can write off these costs on your taxes as well.
  • Eat organic and local foods. When having to choose between local and organic, choose local as it has a larger sustainable benefit than foods that must travel long distances. Stay away from processed foods and highly modified foods such as gluten, dairy, corn, soy and refined sugar.
  • Move your body everyday for at least 20 minutes in ways you enjoy.
  • Stretch 2-3 times a week and receive – at least monthly – a massage or experience hot tubs and soothing saunas – all to support your body’s connective tissue in remaining supple and flexible.
  • Come together with your family and/or local community to work out a safe and sustainable plan for elderly Loved ones. Supporting our elderly Loved ones as they transition back into non-physical energy is a sacred and important part of this life unfolding.

To create a New Paradigm of Sustainability:

  • Switch to a hybrid (there are so many options for this!) or electric vehicle.
  • Change your electricity service to a renewable energy program.
  • Compost your food.
  • Stop using plastic bags, recycle all plastic that you do use, including bags.
  • Use reusable water bottles and coffee mugs.
  • When making purchases of any kind look for an option that is made with recycled products or can be recycled.
  • Opt out of buying plastic items whenever possible.
  • Reduce waste by donating unused items, recycling everything possible and composting. I cut my garbage output in half doing this! After all, the “away” that we are going to “throw” things to is not actually away – it’s right here – there’s only land and ocean on Earth available.
  • Bless your food before eating it. Bless the land your home sits on. Bless your Love Territory with a weekly ritual (see Ecstatic Union with The Divine in the supplemental section for the Love Territory ritual) to deepen your connection with Mother Earth.
  • Buy carbon offset credits for when you fly in an airplane or take other actions that have a negative impact on the Earth’s atmosphere.

To create a New Paradigm of Business:

  • Create YOUR way, don’t look to the publisher or record label or agent or booking agency or association or some other outside entity to validate your work as an artist, writer, singer/songwriter, painter, etc. Take your power back from these systems by self-funding and putting your work out into the world. There are many wayshowers doing this already including Chance the Rapper who won a GRAMMY and simply streamed his music for free. He created his music, his own way. Be an innovator and allow your connection to your Higher Wisdom to guide how you create in this world.
  • Break free of industry “standards” and use your connection with your Higher Wisdom to bring your gifts and work into the world. Try approaches that feel easeful and joyful to you. Let go of following the pack and creating the same thing everyone else is – use your innate and unlimited creativity to bring to the world what has never been brought before.
  • Let go of needing to be “approved” of or validated by outside entities for your work or business. Want to be published in a magazine or blog? Publish your own magazine or blog. Want to speak at a big conference? Start speaking on YouTube or another vehicle to bring your message. Want your music at a big festival? Start your own festival. It’s time to BE the change rather than looking to existing structures to do it for us.

To create a New Paradigm of Government:

Ruling and controlling others is unnatural, as is chaos and disorder. In an ideal aligned Universe, each individual would be rooted in their connection with the planet and with their Spirit, and therefore would take full responsibility for all actions and all experiences in their unfolding knowing that they would never harm another, themselves included.

Because we are not yet to that place, having structure is important. If you are one who feels your Destiny is to serve in a government-esque capacity, we ask you to search your heart and Soul for clarity about the New Reality that wishes to be co-created in this area of the Spirit in a body unfolding. And then we ask that you take the specific actions you are shown so that a New Reality can be birthed in this sector.

It is us, those of us reading these words and on this path, that are the wayshowers to the greater whole of what it looks like to live an aligned life filled with Peace, Love & Prosperity. We must first integrate the above ways of living in our own lives so the doors can continue to be opened for others and thus, so a New Paradigm can be birthed.

If you would like more support in ushering in your New Reality, we are currently accepting participants into Spirit-Led Sundays: From Survival to Source, which begins this Sunday, May 21 and runs through June 18 to support us during this potent time of transformation leading up to the Summer Solstice.

If you would like to honor this Wisdom and its benefit in your own life, you may make a Love Offering donation here:

We would Love to hear about your experiences in integrating these steps in your day to day life in the comments below.

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