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Re-Opens February 2018.
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Welcome to the new paradigm of Sacred Love Partnership.

Welcome to what’s possible in Love and Sacred Sexual Intimacy.

Welcome to clarity about the people who show up in your life.Welcome to Eternal Love


If you’ve ever wondered how the whole Love thing works – Soul Mates, The One, Twin Flames – the JOGs have the answers for you.

If you’ve ever wondered what the Higher Consciousness perspective is on Love, Sex and intimate partnership, the JOGs have the answers for you.

If you’ve ever wondered how to deepen the feelings of Love and intimacy in your life, the JOGs have the answers for you.

In this 22-transmission program, you’ll be attuned to align with Love and Sex – in the way it was always intended to be – by Source and by your Higher Self.

Whether you’re single or partnered, this program supports you in elevating the state of your relationships, the quality of the partners you attract and your overall ability to magnetize the Love your Higher Self desires by letting go of what you’ve been conditioned to believe about Love and sexual intimacy.


  • A clear understanding of the Higher Consciousness perspective on Love, Sexual intimacy and Sacred Partnership.
  • Increased vibrational alignment with the Love, Sex and Magic that your Higher Self intends for you in this lifetime.
  • Deeper intimacy and connection in all of your relationships, including your existing romantic partnership (if you’re in relationship).
  • The ability to magnetize more-aligned-with-the-Higher-Self-You partners (if you’re single).
  • The ability to elevate your existing partnership into greater alignment with your Destiny and Source.
  • Feeling Love at a deeper level than you have previously.
  • Experiencing the united One-ness that is available through Higher Self connected sexual intimacy, what the JOGs call Sacred Sex, and partnership.
FlourishBreak “You are Love. At the core of you is only this Eternal, spiraling, effortless, deep within Love. You came from Love, your very cells are comprised of Love. Everything about you when it is aligned with the core of who you really are and with Source is Love.” -The JOGs



  • 22 transmissions from the JOGs in written and audio mp3 format.
  • A Soul Alignment Session from Heather & the JOGs – pre-recorded so you can listen again and again to align with Divine Love.
  • Valentine’s Day Ritual to commit to and align with Divine Love – whether single or partnered.
  • 11-minute Eternal Love Meditation Activation to align you to Divine Love.
  • Revised and updated Divine Love Manifesto to use as a guide for navigating triggers and relationship interactions.
  • Private FB forum to share your insights, aha’s and wins on this Divine Love journey.


My clients often call me an energetic matchmaker. For years through my Love programs and 1:1 Soul Alignment Events I have supported hundreds of women and couples in reclaiming the Love, Sex and Magic they are Destined for.

Couples who haven’t had sex in 7 years – now deepening their bond and intimacy.
Singles who haven’t had a date in 8 years – dating and married within a year.
One woman in her 40’s had never had a relationship and she’s now in a deeply Loving partnership.

Couples have come to me ready to divorce after 15+ years of marriage and are now experiencing a greater Love and partnership than they’ve ever known.

Singles who have thought True Love would never bless their lives, are now in deeply intimate and fulfilling relationships.

It brings me some of the greatest joy of my life to watch my clients align with the Love they are destined for.

I’ve seen so much in the 8 years I’ve been working with singles and couples in this way and I felt myself looking for the Holy Grail of sorts on partnership and intimacy to support me on my own Divine Love path and to give my clients a solid tool that would support them for many years to come.

My desire to understand this area of life summoned answers from The JOGs – 5 non-physical guides that I was “introduced” to in May 2013 at the John of God Casa in Brazil and began channeling/translating transmissions from in February 2015 – answers that fully blew me away and opened me up to new possibilities around Love, sex and Sacred partnership.

These transmissions from The JOGs have soothed me, nurtured me, and reconnected me back to my Higher Self in these areas of Love, sex and Sacred partnership.  I have personally read and listened to these transmissions again and again, feeling a “reset” in my system each time I listen to and feel the energy emanating through these transmissions.

I now understand in greater detail my critical role in this process as well as Spirit’s which has deepened the intimacy in my relationship with myself, with Spirit and in romantic partnership.

In this program, we use the power of Divine Alignment through the number 11 with 22 transmissions that build upon one another. Each transmission gives you the next piece of the Eternal Love unfolding, allowing you to grow and expand into greater alignment with your Sacred partnership Destiny.

When you are in alignment with your own, unique Eternal Love path, you are released from the frustration of control and pain. You can honor your path of the Beloved – in whatever form it takes – without regard for societal, familial or religious expectations.

The JOGs address everything from sexual intimacy to the bonds of Love to how to show up in a Divine Love union to sexual orientation and gender identification to infidelity. In this program, they free you (and all those called) from previous constraints which allows a new level of Love for yourself and all you encounter, including your Beloved.

This is truly an extraordinary program that will take you deeper into the realms of authentic, rich and miraculous Loving – whether you’re single or partnered.

Above all, honor the call of your Soul. If you feel the “yes”, the time is now.

I so look forward to sharing this Divine Love Magic with you!

FlourishBreak“When you are totally connected to Source there is no well running dry, there is no end to the Love you can give another.” -The JOGs


Re-Opens February 2018.
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Catherine Tung

This is an amazing testimonial by Catt, Life Coach, and Marketing & Sales Consultant.

The Eternal Love course has completely opened my heart up and expanded my awareness around love! It has cleared up so many of my question marks around what is going on in my love life and confirmed so many of my intuitive ‘knowings’ about love and the way this all works in the physical and nonphysical plane. Ever since recognising my desire to be committed to one love, I had questions about why and what that looks like…well this course answers it all! I’ve received a greater sense of clarity and a much more lighthearted approach towards love, thanks to the JOGs and Heather in this Eternal Love program!

Sarah Grace Powers

Check out this wonderful testimonial by Sarah Grace Powers of Holistic Hot Sauce.

“Wow, wow! Love magic is certainly afoot in my life! A new romance that is super sweet and promising… and moving slowly just the way I like and feel most comfortable with.
And a phone conversation last night with my last love that I hadn’t felt fully released with – and after our talk, there was a huge WHOOSH of more release. I feel much clearer that we are done, and so relieved that we are friends.
This is an upgrade for sure!”

Judy Browne

Judy Browne, Aligning to Mastery Mentor, sent this beautiful testimonial.

“Feeling Blissed and aligned and in gratitude for all I have learnt about myself and all I can now love like never before!
I have just completed my second session today with Heather. I have to say I have had a lot of big release with unexpected pain and triggers over the past three weeks.
Now, my whole body, in reflection, is buzzing with excitement of what’s to follow. Feeling expansive and feeling the synchronicity of everything aligning with magical flow. “

Ramah Rosenquist

Ramah Rosenquist, Licensed Massage Therapist, sent these lovely words of praise and celebration.

“I’m so thrilled! I’m so happy! My massage practice has taken off so spectacularly these past few months that I’m booked out for all of March! I’m Expanding my practice and hiring an LMT to work on my days off. I feel the alignment of all of this and it’s Incredible! Free Range Massage, seeing clients 7 days a week, coming soon! Thank you Heather Strang!”

Deb Palmer

Deb Palmer of Viva Divine sent these beautiful words of praise.

“Something amazing is unfolding. Two nights ago I woke up to radiating pain around my heart chakra. I lay there feeling this pain which was similar to heartburn minus the stomach upset! Did some cording get gently pulled out of my soul?

But yesterday I started feeling different as if something major had shifted! Today I feel light and free!

Things are shifting and it’s time for many of us to feel that lightness of being which is our true spiritual nature! It’s coming…it’s here! It’s ours! Get ready!”

Tiffany Conard

This is a wonderful testimonial from Tiffany Conard, Actress.

“Eternal love has been so powerful, and such a beautiful experience for me so far! Simply life changing! Heather you never cease to amaze me, you have helped me more than words can describe. I am forever grateful for you! When we started Eternal love last week, I was feeling so much resistance. I never realized how much I have been neglecting myself, it was a time of big introspection for me. After salt water baths, meditating, saging, and tapping everywhere I went, I was finally able break through! I am seeing life in a new light (literally)……a beautiful light! Also, I got closer with my spirit team. They have lifted me up with unwavering support, I have never felt that kind of pure love for myself before! So grateful to be here with you all! The journey continues, sending lots of love and light!”

Lauren Moss

“My work with Heather and the JOGs has been life changing! I’ve come together with an amazing man and we’re creating a Divine Love relationship that is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. I feel my heart expanding every single day – I didn’t know this Love could ever exist. Heather and the JOGs have been right there along the way as we release limiting beliefs, old relationships, and open me and my partnership up to the unlimited potential that is available to us. I am beyond grateful for this work and highly recommend it to anyone who feels a Soul resonance with Heather!”

Nicole Amend

“I’ve worked one-on-one with Heather and have been part of her Love programs. Through this incredible work, four years ago I aligned with the Love of my Life and Heather even served as the officiant at our wedding. Over the course of two particularly powerful sessions, we felt the energy of my Love come in, and within a month we had met! We also worked on my family matrix, even before I was pregnant. When my Love and I began trying for our family, we immediately became pregnant and now have the happiest little boy in our lives. I’m so grateful to Heather’s work and all of her support along the way! I highly recommend Heather to anyone seeking true Love.”

Mark Hashizume

“I am seeing such positive signs such as old friends who had not seen me in a while and noticing that I am more calm, more happy, more at ease with myself.  Plus I am finding that I am responding with calm and resourcefulness with stressful situations.”

Elizabeth Beasley

“Really enjoying these transmissions! Feeling good and clicking like crazy with my new beau. So glad I did all my work with Spirit-Led Love course and love meditations this summer and fall. I truly think it got me aligned for my true love who showed up November. And now Eternal Love is keeping the groove going.”

Tanya Chansy

“Just wanna say when we are tapped in and tuned into who we really are….ish really happens and flows!!!! I’ve been enjoying being me and watching and feeling the Magic happen!! It IS the place to be in and it’s all super easy!!! I’m loving it! I love the Eternal Love series so much!!! Prob one of the best ones I’ve done with Heather!!”

Tiffani Barnum Hess

“The JOGs are always so spot on, every day. Soaking it all in and feeling deeply loved and deeply in love.”


“Wow – listened to this morning’s transmission three times, maybe even four. Meditating and getting off the hamster wheel, along with managing my energy in daily life, is huge for me. So of course hello resistance. But I’m keeping at it.

This is all very powerful. The session blew me away. Fell asleep but somehow the recording stopped at fifteen minutes so was able to listen while conscious the next day. Doing my best to integrate it all. Thanks everyone for the questions and thanks Heather Strang for all you do to bring in this clarity.”

“I wanted to share because yesterday while listening to my 1:1, I saw/felt the love of my life and I melting into each other in a kind of liquid golden light. And then I listened to the transmission today about two becoming one – so cool!!I can feel all my resistance and stories melting away and leaving the simple truth. Feeling the openness and receptivity within.” -Nesa Levy
“Thank you for the new paradigm of Love support Heather Strang and all our guilds from the light.  Love the love.” -Kat James
“Every morning I curl up in my big chair with my first cup of tea and read the new message for the day. I love this course.

This morning’s message was so spot on, I just witnessed someone I care about destroy his career, his financial future and leave many people who depended on him stranded because he is in a relationship with a “Controller”. Watching this unfold over the weekend has been so hard, and yet we all knew nothing we could say would help. It has been a wonderful lesson for me, as I go back and scan through my past relationships, I can not see, wow, that was what was going on. Giant light bulb moment, thank you thank you, not going there again.” -Laura Wallace-Dickson

“This morning I listened to the transmission and then the meditation. I was in tears. Felt an opening, and softening of the heart, and full expansion in self love. Body vibrating from head to toe. It was extremely beautiful. So much love to everyone today.” -Marion Rose
“I received a raise today! Feeling expansive and abundant. Thanks Universe, more please!” – Katie R.
“Powerful transmission this morning. Releasing emotion. In the past, I haven’t wanted to recognize any negative emotion. This it’s a great understanding as to why it is so important to acknowledge and release emotion in such a way as to not harm anyone. And how projecting our judgments on others comes back to us only multiplied. Thank you Heather and JOGs. Lovely.” -Pat M.
“Heather was in my dreams all night, plucking off the men from my past that are/were clinging onto my wounded neck/shoulder muscle like Tarzan on a vine (no massage, chiropractor or dry-needler has been able to relieve it). That muscle felt 80%pain-free when I woke up… but an hour into my morning I am in a really weird place. I have this crazy hopelessness around love this morning, measuring up to what I want, ending up in woundville again, questioning my worthiness. This is not and has not been my mindset until this morning. I wonder what’s with THAT? The #6 transmission was perfect. My fear was replaced by love while I was in it. I think I will just have to listen on repeat for a few hours!” -D. Simonson
“Thank you, thank you, thank you, Heather Strang. I am thrilled to be falling in love with me, taking care of me and, in turn, loving my mate of 23.5 years with more joy and ease and loving my teenage son with MUCH less of my baggage. I am so grateful for having come across your work….. don’t even know how – yes I do, SPIRIT-led. Namaste.” -E.E.
“At the end of the course I am happier and at ease with where I am and at peace being alone. This is a really good thing for me! I definitely have learned my previous relationships have been wound mates and now, next up – the love of my life.” -T.L.
Loving this group. Loving these moments of clarity. Loving life. Loving the smiles. Loving all of this spirit-wholesome-goodness in and around us.” -K.H.

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