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JOGs Monthly: A Life of Magic

 Current world events have brought us here to this moment in time…
To the understanding and clarity that we must Rise Up For Love. We must make our lives an expression of who we really are – a Spirit in a body here on a Divine mission to bring Love, peace, unity, and abundance to all Living Beings on our planet, including bringing this to our planet itself.

If you would like step by step tools, practices and Soul Alignment from Higher Consciousness to live the life you are truly meant for and to be a contributor of Love, peace, unity and abundance to our planet – then JOGs Monthly is for you.

Listen to a sample transmission from The JOGs here.



I used to live for my vacations. A well-honed travel junkie, I would spend the better part of every year planning as many details as I could for my next “big” vacation. Unfortunately, here in the United States, that was usually no more than a meager 2-3 weeks a year.

I would diet and exercise and outfit plan all in preparation for this respite from my daily life. I would visualize about it daily (after I learned about the power of visualization that is) and I would talk about it with anyone who would listen.

And even though I received very little cash-money, my vacations were the priority over anything else.

I had no problem staying at the cheapest of the cheap motels, just as long as I could be out in the world vacationing, which for me at that time was a form of escaping from knowing my true self and true purpose in life (only I didn’t know that yet).

Over the years I began to get skilled with my vacation time, tacking on 2-3 days to holiday weekends so that every quarter I had a vacation.  I often cited airports and convenience stores as my favorite places because to me they symbolized the freedom that came with travel and with vacations.

I was literally living for the 4-10 days on my vacation so I could do all of the things I didn’t allow myself to do during my “regular” life (it’s actually painful to even type these words – what a limiting way to live!). And so, after months of dieting, picking out just the right clothes, dreaming of the adventures I would have, the actual vacation proved to be less satisfying.

I would overeat and overdrink, forcing myself through jet lag and hangovers to “truly enjoy” my vacation, all out of pure indulgence because that’s what you do on vacations, right? In the light of reality the grandiosity of my adventures were far less fulfilling – complete with unexpected weather patterns, non-conforming individuals and unforeseen occurrences.

Then, one day in late 2007 after I was fed up with living a mind-led, wound-based life complete with a startling health crisis – I requested to the “powers that be” that I be Spirit-led. And while I had no idea what that actually meant, I knew that the time of Heather Strang and her conditioning running my life had to come to a close.

Slowly, over time my life began to shift as I began to take the next step and the next step to live my most authentic life expression in every day.

In 2013 – on yet another one of my vacations, this time for a second go-round at the John of God Casa in Brazil (my first spiritual awakening and visit to the Casa was in 2008)  – I was introduced to The JOGs  – 5 non-physical guides who I was told would be working with me. What transpired from that moment on was The JOGs showing up in my Soul Alignment sessions in my practice as a BodyTalk practitioner delivering what we were calling “psychic surgeries” at that time.

As the years progressed and I began to go deeper into my own emotional and spiritual work, their presence in my life continued to expand. My practice went to waitlist only, then to 6-figures. And so, I continued my vacation-obsession, traveling once a quarter for seminars, classes and time to break away from the constraints of daily life.

In late 2014 after achieving great success “out there” in the world, I felt a nagging knowing – it was time to go deeper. I opened my arms wide and requested to be made, “100 percent Spirit-Led.”

I was then taken on a journey beyond my wildest dreams. My constant traveling and vacationing was put to a stop as I was guided to deep dive with The JOGs, channeling/translating transmissions/messages from them on the daily and learning what it truly meant to be alive and to live an extraordinary life.

Today, I live a life most people put off living until they can “retire” or for when they win or inherit some extra cash or for when the kids are grown or until…another time.

But I say, another time is now. Living who you really are – in Love, Peace, Abundance every day – is the way to world peace.
I’m not kidding you. Check this out…

I live on the beautiful Oregon Coast, a place where my Soul simply lights up at the sight of the land. I walk along the Pacific Ocean multiple times a day, experience epic-ally extravagant sunsets multiple times a week, live in a home a million times more beautiful than any home I’ve ever lived in (I even bought it, something I didn’t think I would ever or could ever do), my work is not work at all – it brings me more joy and fulfillment than I could have possibly imagined, not to mention a tremendous amount of abundance that makes my days filled with nourishment, spaciousness and joy. I refuse to wake up to an alarm, and instead allow my body to be my guide and awaken at the time it needs to. I partner with local organizations to plant blue violets for an endangered butterfly that will be released in our area. I wake up in the wee morning hours to go to a local Wildlife Refuge and take in the beauty of nature and come together with others who are passionate about caring for our Earth.

I visit the most gorgeous spa on the Oregon Coast, soaking in mineral waters while overlooking the water, I am typing these very words while staring at the Pacific Ocean. I receive vegetables from a farm just up the street from my home and eat the most nourishing foods that my body delights in. I interact with eagles and deer and rabbits and dragonflies and butterflies every day. I bless my food everyday. I bless every financial transaction I experience. I joyously experience this life with the people I love in the most spacious and relaxed settings. I eat what my body guides me to – which is naturally a more vegan diet. I move my body every day. I rest and relax deeply. I support the causes and organizations that I feel a Soul connection to that are committed to empowerment, positivity and peace.

I share all of this with you because I want you to understand – your life can be the true expression of who you really are – I’m living proof of it!

Every week I meet people who are on vacation here at the Oregon Coast who “dream” about living here (I used to be one of those people) or people who moved here after they retired. And I say, why wait to live and work and delight in the wonders of this life?

In truth, we are of the Highest service to all when we are the most authentic expression of who we really are. And when we are living for some future occurrence or “break” or event, we miss out on the extraordinary nature of this very moment.

And I want this for you (if you want it too, of course).

Your life expressed fully as who you really are will look totally different than mine. What matters most is that it’s a Spirit-led expression and is truly the life you came here to live.

When you are attuned to who you really are and living from that place you experience great peace, Love, abundance and unity in your life.

And when non-easeful experiences come in, you have the tools to navigate whatever is in front of you with greater ease than you would have without this alignment to who you really are.

When you allow your connection to your Higher Wisdom (Source, Your Higher Self and Guides & Angels of the Highest Light) to guide you, you create aspects and unfoldings that are abundant, filled with Love and Light, are joyful, peaceful and ease-ful. Why? Because that’s who you really are!

One of the ways you can gauge whether you are aligned to living in this manner or not is to check in, “Am I in a state of ease? Are things flowing? If things aren’t flowing, how am I showing up for them? What is guiding me?”

When you are in a state of being who you really are, you are living Spirit-led, you are living your life of Magic. You are vibrating at a frequency of peace and Love and emitting that vibration everywhere you go. Instead of living a life based on shoulds or conditions or based on fear or tied to the future you are able to live more fully in the now – in the spacious, expansive, abundant now and from there move forward as you create a life of Magic.

The JOGs and I are now inviting you to live in this Divine manner with our JOGs Monthly program, read on for more details and to join us today.






  • Greater inner peace and ease in your day-to-day life.
  • Shifting your career and work in the world to be more in alignment with your Divine Purpose, which brings ease and abundance.
  • Magical synchronicities as Spirit communicates with you through nature, through number sequences, through Divine opportunities, through experiences you cannot anticipate but which delight and expand you.
  • More ease and connection in your relationships.
  • Magnetizing to you the people, places and things that bring you the most joy, Love, abundance and peace – tenets for a Spirit-led life of Magic.
  • Aligned health and wellness as your Spirit’s true needs and desires are able to manifest through your body.
  • Greater creativity – ideas and creations flow to you with great ease.
  • A life filled with peace, Love, magic, abundance, unity and harmony.


  • SLMVacationsWNewWEvery Tuesday and Thursday you’ll receive a written and audio transmission from The JOGs to attune you and give you practices and processes to living your Life of Magic. They literally give you the step-by-step aspects that allow you to create your Life of Magic, including your Love Portal to support the vibrational upleveling to Love! These are transmissions that are brand new and have never been shared in previous programs or books.
  • Please note: There will be a holiday break from December 25-December 31, with transmissions starting back up on January 3, 2017.
  • You’ll be part of an online, private Facebook group to share about your wins, insights and implemented practices to living in this way.
  • You’ll have access to exclusive Spirit-led gear (we’ve got Spirit-Led jewelry for you!) including blessed and autographed books for yourself, family and loved ones – not available anywhere else or for anyone else. And you’ll have access to 1:1 Soul Alignment with Heather – again, not available anywhere else. Essentially, you’ll have the full hook-up!
  • Every month you’ll receive an 11-minute meditation to support you in living more fully the principles that will allow you to create your Life of Magic ever more powerfully.
  • You’ll also have the option to be part of LIVE or recorded call with me and The JOGs, with a bonus transmission and alignment, along with Q&A to ask us your pressing questions, every month on these dates:
    • December 22, 2016 at 11:11amPST – BONUS Winter Solstice Ritual included
    • January 11, 2017 at 11:11amPST
    • February 11, 2017 at 11:11amPST
    • March 22, 2017 at 11:11amPDT
    • April 22, 2017 at 11:11amPDT
So if you’re ready to live who you truly are, in your life of Magic, here’s how you get started:


Includes weekly transmissions, monthly calls with bonus transmissions in audio and written format and ability to ask questions for Heather & The JOGs LIVE and via email prior to each monthly call. Also includes Winter Solstice Ritual as a bonus on 12/22, as well as access to exclusive Spirit-Led gear, blessed books and more.

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Carol Morgan

These are some beautiful words by Carol Morgan of Live Pura Vida.

I LOVE the love, the support, the guidance… It’s been a game-changer!

April Waldman

This is a beautiful testimonial by April Waldman.

I can’t thank Heather enough because as long as I have known her she expresses exactly who she is and I find this so beautiful and inspiring. For me this is her signature note of beauty in the world and this is what she brings out in me as well. From my experience in The JOGs Monthly program I feel I deeply shifted. I had been craving a return to the true me since my twins were born and I have found that from the practices, the encouragement, the teachings and mainly I would say from the direct guided messages from the JOGs to me in the monthly calls this occurred. They went to the heart of some ancient patterns I have been asking to be healed and am so thankful they understood me, saw me and were able to guide me back to myself. I feel empowered, at peace and more excited about life. Thank you so much Heather!

Brooke Kalan

This is a wonderful testimonial by Brooke Kalan.

This week was a HUGE week as I’ve been merging what I learned in Spirit Led Wealth and JOGs Monthly. Communication with my Angels and Guides has gotten clearer and clearer and the specifics I ask for (time frame, platform for information, etc) hone the messages so keenly. On Tuesday I asked to receive direction this week in the form of someone saying “Brooke, this is for you” by 7pm that evening…and it happened three times! Lol.

The transmissions seem like a tapestry, more than punctuated messages – weaving together over time. It’s been so interesting to see how they mirror what’s happening in my life, and how what’s happening in life mirrors them.

Though I find the up-leveling I experience needs to be balanced with more and more rest, I do see more and more how fun the unfolding is.

Karla Sauve

Karla Sauve, BodyTalk/Intuitive Healing, sent this beautiful testimonial.

I want to thank you for the call the other day, it was simply amazing. Whenever I take any classes that have deep shifts for me, I feel exhausted but these classes are usually days long. This call did just that in a matter of a few minutes, it was crazy. I had tears coming down my face at the start of it and I knew it was going to be a deep one! There is this quality of peace that is there which feels better than anything I’ve felt in a long time. This. Feels. So. Right. I have been immersing myself in all The JOGs transmissions – in my car, in my meditations, while doing dishes, taking a bath, every chance I get. I know this is big, so thank you for showing me the way.

Daria Howell

Daria Howell, LMT, sent this wonderful testimonial.

I listened to the replay today.  Let me tell you, it was powerful!  During the transmission itself, I could feel the Spirit Team working in various locations in my body.  It felt expansive and blissful and like a very healing recalibration was taking place.  Thank you for that!

Diana Foote

Wow, powerful stuff! I’ve listened to the call twice now. I passed in and out throughout both listenings. While listening, I felt so much junk cleared away. I feel so much re-centeredness and clarity. Thank you so much for this wonderful call. Your work has been so practical and supportive for me.

Robyn Schultze

Thank you Heather, for sharing this message. As always, it hit home. Love these wonderful reminders they cause me to immediately live better in the moment.

Marianne Marshall

Wow Heather Kristian Strang, you really are magic. So glad I signed up for this! Listening to that meditation, the messages of the JOG’s, has brought me such peace and feeling grounded in who I am and I am learning how to believe in myself…Suddenly, my life doesn’t seem so overwhelming. Thank you!

Tiffani Barnum-Hess

I finally dove in and am still coming out of it – WOW. OMJOG, so deep. So powerful. I was out for most of the transmission until I was gently “rocked” awake towards the end. Thank you, Heather and the JOGs for such an amazing session/space/support. So good!

Hannah Brickley of Everlove Doula Services

I honestly believe that my work with you Heather, the JOGs, and my own internal commitment to following my guidance within has helped me shift MAJOR patterns related to this self worth and personal power piece…This is BIG stuff. I don’t even know how to begin to thank you, Heather, for being such a light, a beacon of pure love on my path. I am sooo excited to see how more and more will continue to evolve and blossom into pure lovely like this.

Amanda Baker

The impact the JOGs have had on my awakening is so strong. I have been feeling blocked for a long time…I felt like something was missing but I just couldn’t figure out what it was. Then I listened to your call, used the oracle, meditated and researched everything I could.

Instead of actively looking for answers I more just follow my intuition and allow Spirit to guide me. Thank you so much for everything! Denise Dominguez says, “When you are ready to learn your teacher will come,” and this can’t be more true for me! I wish you lots of love and blessings and just want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I am so grateful to have found you and the JOGs.

Read more testimonials here.

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