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Channeled Blessings & Art

In July 2016, my intuitive mentor told me that my life was about to go through yet another radical change, and on top of all of that – I would begin painting.

In typical me fashion, I was more annoyed than anything, muttering under my breath that I was a writer, not a painter, and really hadn’t I had enough radical changes since fully committing to living a Spirit-Led life in late 2014?!

Apparently the answer to that question was no. And so…

During the week of August 20, 2016 I began experiencing a series of dreams that led me to a past-life remembering that took my breath away.

2 weeks later a bluejay began following me everywhere I went. A few days after that I was synchronistically guided to the painting of the very bluejay that had been following me around and thus the artist who created this painting – Royal Nebeker.

I later purchased this painting (see photo above). In doing so, Royal’s Beloved told me that he had painted that bluejay in 2002 because the bluejays used to follow him around as well. OMJOGS. Of course.

Royal began showing up for me everyday and his first order of business was to get me painting. I was terrified. But Royal was clear and his very presence in my unfolding yielded from me a tremendous respect and Love for him. So I began to paint.

In the mornings I would awaken and he would show me an image of what I was to paint. He told me that I was to paint a series of spirals. I later synchronistically learned that spirals are an ancient Celtic symbol for the Divine Feminine. I mean. Of course.

When I began painting he would tell me how to mix the colors – I literally had NO idea how to do any of this and his step by step instructions were very helpful!

Then The JOGs would come in and show me the passage from one of their transmissions that I had just channeled that I was to pair with the paintings.

Little did I know that they were preparing me to do this for you as well!

  • We’ll (me via The JOGs) channel a blessing for your special day – birthday, wedding, birth of a new child, anniversary, new home, start or finish of a business/book/project or just because you’re in a body and alive at this time in consciousness.
  • Once you sign-up for a channeled blessing, you’ll receive an email within 24 hours with a small questionnaire and request for a photo of yourself and any other aspects that are part of this blessing.
  • Once you submit your responses, you will receive your channeled blessing within 11 days via PDF.
  • If you would like to take this experience to the next level, you can sign-up for a channeled blessing that is then incorporated into a channeled painting (through me via Royal) either as an 8×10 or 11×14 – depending on what the guidance is – which we will package up and mail to you within 11-22 days of your order.

Pretty amazing, right?

Sign-up for a personal just-for-you customized channeled blessing
from The JOGs for $222 here.

Sign-up for a personal just-for-you customized channeled blessing from The JOGs along with a channeled one of a kind painting for $444 here.

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