Heather Kristian Strang | Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests

Every morning I perform a prayer ritual using prayers from St. Francis of Assisi and Jesus Christ, along with my entire Spirit Team filled with The JOGs and my Angels & Guides of the Highest Light, Source and all of the Highest Light.

Over the years, I have included Loved ones in my prayer ritual, and recently have included participants in my Spiritual Mentorship program and other programs.

The results of these prayer rituals have surprised everyone – most of all me – as Loved ones experienced near miraculous healings of physical ailments and powerful upleveling in their financial abundance.

Recently when we opened up the prayer ritual to those who shared about our latest work, one woman asked that her son and his marriage be prayed over as they were currently separated and not on speaking terms. Around the time that I was performing the prayer ritual, this man’s wife reached out to him and invited him over for a weekend together.

And so, now The JOGs as part of my New Reality manifestations, have guided me to open this up to my entire community.

If you would like to submit a prayer ritual request, you can do so by donating an amount that your Soul calls you to and then you’ll receive an email within 24 hours which you can reply to with your request, to be included in the next day’s prayer ritual.

The power of prayer is immense and it’s my honor to be a support to you on your path.