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Spirit-Led Kids

Your child is special.
He/she has desires, wants, & needs that perhaps you fully understand or perhaps you don’t. Your child has a Soul’s Purpose that he/she is here to fulfill.

Me and kiddosWhenever children face challenges, just like adults, it’s important to address all of the components (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual/energetic) to support your child in fully experiencing their Soul’s Highest Alignment, purpose and path. These Soul Alignment sessions allow them to stay connected to the core of who they really are, while thriving in their life.


This is ideal for your child if:
  • He/she is struggling with health and/or behavioral issues.
  • Your family seems to get “sick” regularly.
  • Your child is struggling in school or with other caregivers.
  • There is discord between children and/or between parent & child.
  • Your child is asking for more Spirit-based, Soul-support (crystal and indigo children will often directly ask for this level of support!) to live their dreams.
  • You feel a strong desire to support your child in having the best life they and your family can have.
  • Your overall family matrix could use support, ease, improved health and abundance.
Karen Betten

This is a powerful testimonial from Karen Betten.

Fellow magic makers: This is so long overdue because the words never seem to do it justice, but if you have never experienced the 1:1 experience with Heather Kristian Strang, run to the link and commit!! There is nothing more inspiring to jet set one’s capacity to step into their unique power to create change in their lives than to witness the connection Heather has to this in the 1:1 sacred container she creates! It is powerful, it puts me in awe and has inspired countless transformations in myself, my career, my relationship, and my family. Run, I say, people, and become a part of the change you want to foster in the world by intimately experiencing a master putting her focus and attention on you! Trust me, it will be life changing. Oh and tell her the Betten family sent you.

Mother of 16 year-old boy, who received monthly sessions for over 2 years consistently

I want to deeply thank you and the JOGs for all that you did and helped facilitate (through my son’s sessions with the Spirit-Led Kids package). His working with you has felt so perfectly aligned all along.

I was watching him and his team play soccer this weekend…And I was noticing his grounded, embodied presence and feeling UBER grateful that I was able to support his growth and kept making this work with you a priority.  One can’t put a price on this.  What a gift!  It’s amazing.  And I can’t wait to see where he goes, with this much alignment already at age 16 (!) at the place where life direction decisions get more magnified.

T.W., 36

After working with you for over a year, I am recognizing so many links to ‘you’ and the healing you have brought to my life and now to my families life. Each of the kids were able to over come significant hurdles following your work. Our family has taken on leaps of change and acceleration following our work with you as a collective as well as individuals, so we know how intense, beautiful, powerful and full of love it is. Thank you! We love you!

How this package works:
  • You receive three (3) remote sessions for your child & family matrix.
  • Sessions are performed fully remote – your child is highlighted as a priority for a session. I may check in with you via email to see what is “up” for your child and family since we last communicated.
  • I perform the session, usually written with the day/time (it’s often very magical to see what your child was doing and how he/she was responding during the time a session takes place) included, as well as potential next steps and practices.
  • Sessions may be specifically just for the child or for the relationship between parent-child or on the entire family matrix so that everyone in the family receives a balancing. Spirit sets the priority and we follow the guidance!
  • You receive the session in your inbox with any tapping priorities or next steps that are needed and the date of the next session.
  • You also receive 1 email exchange per session (3 total) for additional support!
  • Your child changes and shifts in Magical, healthy and awesome ways!
You can expect:
  • Increased harmony in your family and in your home.
  • Release of physical illnesses. No longer having recurrent illness in the home – by anyone in the family.
  • Release of all behavioral issues.
  • Happier, more relaxed child and family.
  • More ease in communication in the family and with your child.
  • Increased abundance for everyone in the family – family vacations, lots of “freebies”, unexplained money coming in!
If you feel the Soul “yes” to support your child and family in this whole-health way, sign-up here for this 3-session package for $452.


K.H., 43

There is more to your sessions than meets the eye. This very powerful John of God high voltage frequency really adds some oomph! Hugs, love & gratitude!


The work you have done with my children through Spirit-Led Kids has been beautiful – the love, respect and attention and support that I watch my daughters give one another is just so soul filling and beautiful to watch as a mother. Much love and gratitude for leading the way to expand what I think is possible on a regular basis!

C.M., 64

Thank you for the life changing, supportive, loving, powerful work you do, Heather.  You do make a difference.  A HUGE one.  I am grateful for you in my life and for you being in the world.

S.B., 15

You are truly a magical being! The shifts that I be felt from your sessions are absolutely mindblowing and extremely powerful! Lots of love!


Immediately upon signing up, you’ll be sent an intake form to fill out for your child – please feel free to include overall information about your family as well as including this information in the intake questionnaire. Once your information is received, your child will go into my queue for a session. You’ll receive an email from me with your child/family session as soon as I am guided to perform the session (anywhere from 1 day-2 weeks from the time of submission).

Questions? Email here.