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Spirit-Led Mastery


Opening Fall 2017


92 Days of Spirit-Led Mastery (=11, Master Number of Divine Alignment)

You’ve been told to work harder, you’ve been told to work “smarter”, you’ve been told disease is random, you’ve been told chemistry and sex equal Love, you’ve been told that abundance is only for a select few, you’ve been told you have to control your life to make it what you want…

But you’ve been told wrong.

In Spirit-Led Mastery, we bust through the limitations to Wealth, Health & Love and step into the unlimited power of living your Destiny through surrender, trust and embracing your true Divinity. We do this surrounded in the Highest Light, with the Highest intentions and for the Highest Good of ourselves and the collective.


  • Connect more fully with the path of your Destiny.
  • To master working with the energy all around you and within you to live the full-ness of your life in Wealth, Health, Love & Joy.
  • To master the art of Surrender, including fully understanding the 2 levels of Surrender, while embodying your Divinity.
  • To develop a deep sense of Trust in your Self, in Spirit, in Source, in Life, in your Destiny – as you are guided through the 3 stages of Trust.


  • Remember why you’re here in this lifetime, what you’re here to evolve forward and create next steps for doing so.
  • Mastering the art of what we call Active Surrender and having a firm understanding of the 2 stages of Surrender and how to interact with both in your life unfolding.
  • Deeper, richer sleep.
  • A deeper understanding of what your body is communicating with you when it experiences dis-ease so you can navigate any physical, mental, emotional dis-ease from a whole new paradigm.
  • Embody and fully own who you really are – a Divine being, a slice of Source, a powerful co-creator – and what you really came to do in this lifetime.
  • A deeper and truer sense of Trust in all that occurs in your life unfolding. You will know all 3 stages of Trust and how to activate each one for various life experiences.
  • An upleveling in the work you do in the world, becoming more fully aligned with giving the gifts you are specifically here to give. Living your Soul’s Highest Path & Purpose.
  • An upleveling in the relationships in your life – creating more intimacy, deeper connections and richer intimate experiences with friends, family, loved ones, and the Love of your Life.
  • An upleveling in your Cash-money Wealth – increased clients and revenues for entrepreneurs, raises, promotions and accolades for those employed. Your money will stretch, expand and in general you will work with its energy in a new and powerful manner.
  • More peace, joy and Love in your life. On the DAILY. Soul tears on the regular confirming your alignment with the true YOU.




You are a Divine Being, here for a Divine Purpose. You know this, yes? And now you are being called to Surrender, Trust, & therefore more fully embody your Divinity and live the life you intended when you incarnated on this planet.


As a master of this co-creative Divine Journey you are on, you set intentions and create the new while actively surrendering and trusting that the outcomes will be those that will most serve you.


AAF_45504x6When I began my Spirit-led journey I didn’t have the faintest clue what I was doing. I was stuck in victim consciousness believing that everything happened to me and I was constantly waiting for the other “shoe” to drop in my life.  But along with that I believed that I had to try and control every outcome so the “shoe” wouldn’t drop. Which was both exhausting and impossible.

So, I woke up and was 28, working as a freelance writer and editor – working all hours of the day and night – just to make roughly $3,000 a month, I was sick and no doctor or healer could help me get better, and I was in a relationship with a “good” guy that was neither based on Soul or Spirit.

Finally, at age 29 (this was yes, during my Saturn return – we all get big opportunities to wake up at 28-30, 56-59, 83-86) I gave up part of the struggle. I knew my life was not working the way that it was meant to. I knew somehow that it had to be easier, it had to be better.

Sitting at my kitchen table in a small condo I shared with my “good guy” boyfriend, having just discovered the Law of Attraction – I was bouncing back and forth on whether to stay in my relationship or leave it, stay in my work or leave it, pursue more healing for my body or just leave it – I surrendered and said out loud, “I give up, I want to live Spirit-led.”

I didn’t even know what that meant and I had never used the word Spirit before. But out of my mouth it came, and once I surrendered in this way – all of Heaven & Earth moved to support me (and it does that for you too)!

Shortly after I was taken on the ride of my life – to John of God in Brazil, to BodyTalk, to mentors and Spiritual teachers, to translating/channeling messages from my Spirit Team who I call the JOGs.

Over the past 10 years since that day at my kitchen table, I have learned a lot about walking the path of being Spirit-led. It asks you to look at your fears, face them and then offer them up to Source to be transmuted to Divine Love (I’ll teach you a specific process to do this in Spirit-Led Mastery). It asks you to when faced with any intense emotion, to connect back to when in this lifetime it began and then literally shift the experiences through working with quantum physics (I’ll teach you a specific process to do this as well in Spirit-Led Mastery).

The Spirit-led path asks you to be willing to surrender all of your preconceived notions (and I had A LOT of them!) and trust as you step into the path that is and was meant for you all along – the path of your Destiny.

Through this Spirit-led path, I’ve learned how to walk the line of co-creation, active surrender and trust as well as more fully embodying the Divinity that is me (and is you and is all of us).

I’ve gone on to co-create a life that is a true co-creation between me and Spirit. What a relief! No longer is it all up to me. And that means I get to be surprised all of the time by the magnificence that is continually brought to me. There is so much my Higher Self “planned” for me that is perfect in every way that I had no idea was available to me!

Once I surrendered to my Spirit-led path and committed to “masterfully” walking it, the following happened:

  • I began bringing through transmissions from Higher Consciousness through the JOGs, the 5 non-physical guides I “met” while at the John of God Casa in Brazil in 2013. Come to find out, they’ve been with me my whole life, but I needed the energy of the casa and twice-weekly BodyTalk for several years to fully receive them in this capacity! This is the most powerful “work” I’ve ever done in my life and it’s transforming not only my life but the lives of the near one thousand individuals I have served worldwide.
  • My income went from $30k a year to $60k to $80k to early 6-figures into multiple 6-figures and I now work LESS than I’ve ever worked while serving at a Higher level than I’ve ever served before.
  • I – for the first time in my life – began to experience peace on a consistent, daily basis.
  • I gave up control. I surrendered. Again and again and again and again. And then…
  • Magic, Magic, Magic – I think it, it shows up. Right people, right time, huge Spirit downloads and inspirations.
  • Creating at a level unlike I had known before. I wrote my 5th book A Life of Magic: An Oracle for Spirit-Led Living without trying or even intending to write a book. I’m now working on books 6, 7 & 8 and they are flowing at astonishing levels.
  • I let go of everything that I was doing that did not bring me joy. Like relationships, work, marketing, romantic partner, furniture, clothes, houses. In the letting go, the embodiment and opening began.

I’ve learned a whole lot on this journey and it has been so important to my own evolution and the evolution of my clients. I’ve personally supported nearly 1,000 individuals in living a more authentic, healthy and aligned life.

Below are the 3 things I’ve learned about this glorious Spirit-Led life we are in:

#1 You are not in control.
Not in the way you think that you are anyway. You are not in control of other people, of outcomes (who loves you and for how long, what work you do, what friends you have, any of your outcomes, those are meant to be co-creative!), of Mother Earth, of your Destiny.

#2 What you are in control of: your reactions, your emotions, the thoughts you choose to focus on, what you focus on, how you show up in the world, what actions you take (well, most of the time, sometimes your Spirit Team is nudging you to take an action you might not have considered but that is important for your path), how you work with the energy within you and all around you.

#3 You are a powerful, CO-creator. You are not the one and only creator. Which means when you try to live your life as though you are the only creator you end up in a lot of pain and frustration (I have countless stories from my own life and my clients that illustrate this time and time again, sometimes we’re slow learners, but that’s okay). When you realize you have a whole team supporting you as well as your Higher Self (otherwise known as your Higher Mind, Source self, Innate Wisdom, Intuition) AND Source (otherwise known as God, Goddess, The Universe, All-That-Is-ness) – that’s when life gets really, really good.

As one of my clients said to me recently, “What did I ever do before this path? What did I ever do before you, the JOGs and this Magic?”

The answer is, we suffered a lot more than we needed to.

No more!

If you feel the call to live fully the life you came here for by mastering Surrender, Trust & Embodying Your Divinity – then join us. It is going to be 92 days (=11, Master number of Divine Alignment) during Fire Element time (maximum expansion time so we have full support of the elements!) that will rock your year and forever transform your life, if you’ll allow it.



Those called to this path are those ready to join the expansion in consciousness of Surrender, Trust & Embodying Your Divinity that is now taking place. When you live Spirit-Led you thrive – in Wealth, Health, Love & Joy.

AAF_4439 4X6

It has been revealed to me that there is an evolution of Enlightenment currently taking place.

If you’re reading this, you are part of it. The evolution of consciousness is speeding up and it’s doing so because you and I are ready to live more of how we fully intended to live when we incarnated in this lifetime.

Now when I say enlightenment I’m not talking about some floaty state of One-ness that only a select few “gurus” get to experience (Gone are the guru days anyway! We are all in this together and it’s about Mentorship, Direction and Support).

Enlightenment is a state all those desiring to experience get to experience. It means simply and truly Living in the Light.

When you see your life through the eyes of Source, you are able to live at a level previously unavailable to those seeing life through their filters of judgment, pain, wounding and programming (which is how I lived and how we all lived until we were called to wake up!).

Here is what the Arc of Enlightenment Evolution looks like:

Phase 1: You believe you are powerless and a victim.
My religion taught this, many religions and 12-step programs teach this. This is an unconscious program that straight-up denys and represses your Divinity. This victim consciousness causes you to blame others for your life occurrences, live broke and in lack/scarcity, engage in relationships that are abusive and hurtful and to hurt others since victim consciousness is rooted in a survival mentality. If you are hurting others, hurting yourself, living broke, are sick all of the time, are depressed / anxious frequently – you are living in this phase. It is NOT who you really are and it feels so terribly because the true You knows this. The majority (although less and less all of the time!) of the collective lives here.

Phase 2: You learn about the Law of Attraction or some other teaching that starts to give you your power back.
But because you have felt powerless for so long you voraciously clamp on to this and swing to the opposite extreme incorrectly believing you are the sole creator of everything in your experience. This moves you from blaming everyone else (victim consciousness) to blaming yourself (self-abuse). This is a more conscious state of being, and it also creates a tremendous amount of pressure to somehow control your circumstances so that you can have what you “want”. It is still living from your personality (or what others would call your Ego state), so while you are more aware of the principles of energy you are still believing it is all up to you. If you are burnt out, getting “minor” sickness/injuries/accidents regularly, beat up on yourself regularly for not doing “it right” – you are living in this state of consciousness. In 2006, the movie The Secret was a powerful change-agent in moving many people from Phase 1 to this phase (I was one of them!).

Phase 3: You’re awake! Some “crisis” has opened you up to realizing that you are not a victim, you are not solely in control, but rather there are legions in the non-physical realms supporting you as well as your own Higher Self (Higher Mind, Innate Wisdom, Intuition) supporting you in living a more joyful, abundant life. This is a Magical state of being. You understand that everything that is happening is happening for you and is communication by your Higher Self, Spirit Team and Source. You are able to navigate life’s “challenges” with greater ease. You thrive in all areas of your life, usually in ways you would not have planned or expected. What takes others out, and used to take you out no longer does, rather you are able to “work” with whatever occurs with much ease, grace and abundance. A very small (but growing everyday!) percentage of the world lives in this way. At this phase, you are a way-shower, leading the charge of living how Spirit intended. This is the level all who are part of this program will be attuned to live at if they are not already and then more fully moving you into…

Phase 4: You live in a state of Spirit-led Surrender, Trust and Embodying your Divinity.
Your path/Destiny flows through you. Spirit is no longer something simply outside of you – it is within you and it is you. This is the Highest state of living Enlightened in a body that has been revealed to me (I’m sure there are more phases beyond this!). This is the next level from phase 3 that an even smaller percentage of the world (but growing everyday!) is living in and that all the Great Masters of our time (Jesus, Buddha, St. Francis of Assisi, Mother Mary, Thich Nhat Han, Eckhert Tolle, Byron Katie, etc.) embody/embodied. It is no longer reserved for just a select few “gurus” anymore though, this level of living is available to all who are called.

But before you go thinking “I can’t live at Phase 4, that’s too big for me!” – remember that you wouldn’t even be on this website or reading these words if you were not evolving towards and on this path. And, living in this manner does not negate your human-ness or your ability to enjoy food, drink, sex and being alive. In fact it allows you to enjoy all of those things more deeply and more richly. We’ll go into this deeper in Spirit-Led Mastery.

Not everyone will feel called to a Phase 4 path and Spirit-Led Mastery will support you in Phase 3 & 4 – wherever you are called.

What’s important is that more of us than ever are out of Phase 1 & 2, and as that occurs, we elevate the collective consciousness so that even more of our children and loved ones can also step into living more fully the path of their Destiny – in a state of Surrender & Embodying their Divinity.

So if you’re ready to leave behind Phase 1&2 indefinitely and live in the richness of Phase 3&4, Spirit-led Mastery is for you!




  • 2 LIVE MasterClasses with Heather and the JOGs per month. All calls are recorded and sent to all participants. All calls include the opportunity to have questions answered by Heather & The JOGs.
  • 2 powerful transmissions from the JOGs every week. These are brand new, never before released anywhere transmissions!
  • 6 BONUS MasterClass transmissions from the JOGs.
  • 1 Meditation Activation per month to align you with your full embodiment of who you really are and support you in lining up to full Surrender & Trust.
  • 1 Soul Alignment session per month to address specific limiting beliefs and fears that work with you on the quantum, energetic medicine level to support your whole integration and alignment to your Destiny. These remote sessions are for the entire group and are pre-recorded for your convenience and will be delivered to your email. The session may take place on the 3rd of each month listed or prior – depending on what Spirit dictates. These remote group sessions may include: BodyTalk, intuitive guidance, JOGs soul alignment, positive psychology, Law of Attraction – all depending on where Higher Consciousness leads us.
  • Included daily as soon as you sign-up and throughout the program in Heather’s Prayer Triangle as blessings from her and the JOGs are sent to you each morning.
  • Spirit-Led Eating & Movement plan to support you in your Spirit-Led Mastery.
  • An Emotions Guide to better understand the true wisdom coming through your emotions and how to navigate your life with this increased understanding.
  • Grounding and Protection Ritual.
  • JOGs approved Reading List to support your Spirit-led path.
  • JOGs approved Movie List to support your Spirit-led entertainment.
  • JOG’s approved Music Playlist to support your body in integrating this Spirit-Led Mastery Path.
  • Spirit-Led Mastery Certificate of Completion.
Sign-up here to receive first notice when we open registration in 2017.




Ramah Rosenquist

This is a wonderful testimonial from Ramah Rosenquist, LMT.

My intentions were to feel more, “Sexy, Healthy, Wealthy, Abundant in love, Healer, Peaceful.” I have more of all of this in my life and my biggest shift is around how I view myself as a Healer. I’m finally stepping into my True Self in this regard. I’m a healer, that’s who I am. No more hiding, denying, or muting myself to fit in the world. Thank you, Heather. And thank you, Magic Ladies! I’m in awe of your power, your insights, your ability to shift and search deep within to find answers. I love you all so much! Big Smooch!

Jodie Harvala

The beautiful Jodie Harvala sent in this testimonial.

Finally feel like I am breaking free if that makes sense – I was picked as a contributing author in this new James Van Praagh book – he was a huge factor in forgiving a loved one a few years ago – who knew it was lining up for this fun opportunity – my spirit school is expanding into a new piece I am adding – a new course is filling up – I tend to see my big shifts in my work – but this course let me see these great shifts in my family and personal life and I feel like that was why it was so challenging for me at times cause I still liked to control them – such good awareness – they are all in a sweeter place, too. Today, when I was reflecting back – I can’t say it was an easy course for me but I can say it was worth it – thanks for the tough love Heather Kristian Strang, my spirit appreciates it.

Anna Demouchet

Anna Demouchet of Fostering Spirit sent this amazing testimonial.

Flipped the calendar on Monday and saw my Mastery note…Bliss!!! What had my life become over the past 92 days? Bliss!!! So freaking magical!

Suzanne Lagrande

Suzanne Lagrande, Artist, sent this wonderful testimonial.

My intention was to be able to say that I am in love with my life. And in the last few days, I’ve started to really feel that is true.

Nesa Levy

Nesa Levy, Teacher at Southwest Charter School, sent in these beautiful words of praise.

I feel peace and flow and ease and LOVE just like I wanted to feel at the end of Mastery. So much peace, knowing that I have all the tools and support I need to navigate anything/everything. Ease and flow in things working out for my highest good and feeling more ease with allowing the flow of cash $ in and out. So much love from friends and soul sisters. I just got a random text from a friend today: “thinking of you beautiful lady” So grateful for this experience. And I’ve been feeling this exuberance from my higher self about what’s to come!

Elizabeth Beasley

I have had a blast going through this magical time with y’all. Thanks for sharing your positive energy & collective goodness. Here’s to much more as we keep on truckin’ down this road together.

Robin Wada

My intention was to become fully anchored into my truth. I feel the power of that grounding. Thanks to all you beautiful souls for helping me level-up, especially Heather Kristian Strang and the JOGS.

Marcela Saenz

My intention was to feel peaceful, content, immensely loved and happy in every aspect of my life, and I feel just like that!! I had a great time with all of you. Thank you for walking along and sharing all your magic, much love to all of you!! Thank you Heather Kristian Strang for being you, choosing this path, and showing us the way, you know I love you a ton!!!


So fun to look back at intention set at the beginning of Mastery! Mine was to ‘feel free and clear. Focused, grounded energy connected to Source and Earth. Ready for service and love.’ And I am!

Sue Staley

Sue Staley, MA CBP at Quantum BodyTalk sent in this testimonial for Spirit-Led Mastery.
Everything is easier. I am less anxious about all the details being right or wrong. I am believing that they are all just right! Now I see way more of the serendipity of all events that are happening and I have time to breathe in my day. I am so grateful that I am finally able to get out of my own way. This matrix is amazing and I am continuing to grow in it daily! Thanks everyone for being here and sharing all this magic and love.

Jennifer Omner

I’ve worked with Heather for years and Spirit-Led Mastery was by far the most content-rich course yet! Live calls, soul alignment sessions, meditations, transmissions, and connection with other participants made it well worth the investment. Having the tools to work through what comes up in my life makes all the difference, as well as the inspiration to live the richest life ever. This “work” is the best use of my time and money…by far! If you’re reading this, trust your intuition to join the tribe. Blessings, Jennifer Omner

Judy Siebler

Thank you for this wonderful gift and reminder of what we have learned and can be looking forward to. This was an experience like no other. My life is not the same. Thank you JOGs and Heather, for “feeding us” and making it possible for us to grow…I am amazed and so very grateful. xoxoxo

Hannah Brickley

Some participants are already experiencing the Magic of Spirit-Led Mastery. Hannah Brickley of Everlove Doula Services sent in this testimonial.
I’m seriously in shock right now. So much is shifting all at once. I’m getting nanny job offers all over the place that are lucrative and fully aligned. I just got hired on with a postpartum doula agency and they asked me to start earlier then expected. I’m WINNING things (and I’ve never been one to win things before)! I won a gift basket from Whole Foods last week and then the A Life of Magic gift card. I’m in tears right now. For so long I’ve been in this state of complete survival mode, and for the first time ever I feel myself working WITH Spirit. Specifically finding the YES aspect in every person/job/situation and expanding into that rather than reacting solely from the no pieces. On top of this financial wealth, I’m connecting with my Beloved every day in meditation so deeply that I can physically feel her, our path together, and the significance of all of this. It leaves me in the most delicious soul tears EVERY SINGLE DAY.
I want to thank you all for being here with me. I couldn’t do this kind of work without the love, guidance, and support from Heather, The JOGs, and all of you in this community.

Jen Hecht

A wonderful testimonial from Jen Hecht of This Body of Work
You are amazing!! Truly, you are a beautiful radiant beam of pure light. My life is forever changed by our ‘work’ together, and by your courage to fully be who you are in this lifetime. Thank you for taking that on and surrendering to Spirit so you can shine source light and wisdom into the world! I am so lucky our paths get to cross this time around!

Karen Betten

Karen Betten of Intuitive Living sent in these wonderful words.
The place you have supported me in creating is so powerful and so unique in the sense that I am connecting to my own power in ways I had never thought possible. It’s so different from the past where I felt others had something I did not. Now, I am unfolding the true me. My business is expanding with new clients and work that I am more fulfilled in and loving. The work you have done with my children through Spirit-Led Kids has been beautiful – the love, respect and attention and support that I watch my daughters give one another is just so soul filling and beautiful to watch as a mother. Much love and gratitude for leading the way to expand what I think is possible on a regular basis!

Carol McKeag

Carol McKeag of Coaching for Life & Spirit sent us this beautiful testimonial.
YES! YES! YES! Freaking fantastic, Heather. Just listened to your LIVE call with the JOGs transmission. What an awesome experience. I love, love, love how you keep expanding, trusting, expanding, trusting, sharing who you are at the most vulnerable and authentic level. I’m excited about Spirit-Led Wealth Monthly and excited to hear what happens next in your life. You so Walk Your Talk, Heather. I love, love, love being part of your community and seeing you grow.

Kerri Sarchet

I would like to thank you for everything. This is the best I’ve felt in a long time. I have a calmness I don’t recall ever having. It’s a great feeling!

E.R., 40

The tools in Spirit-Led Mastery are just so amazing! We don’t have to live like we did anymore!

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