Heather Kristian Strang | Spirit-Led Sundays: From Survival to Source

Spirit-Led Sundays: From Survival to Source

From Survival & Scarcity Consciousness to Source Consciousness (Peace, Love & Prosperity)

5 weeks – May 21, 2017 through June 18, 2017

To birth the individual and collective New Reality that is here for us, we are being called to set aside time each Sunday to be in communion with The Divine – The Divine within ourselves and all around us.

In doing so we will be supported, attuned and upgraded by The JOGs, Source & all of the Highest Light so as to shift ourselves out of lack, scarcity and survival as our primary operating systems and to be more fully upgraded into our authentic and essential states which are Peace, Love, & Prosperity, otherwise known as Source Consciousness.

In order to do this we will gather weekly for 5-weeks as the energies in the cosmos will be supporting this expansion into embodying Peace, Love & Prosperity from May 21, 2017 to June 18, 2017 – leading us right up to the Summer Solstice.

It is only when we are anchored more fully into our true and natural state of Source consciousness that we can fully access the exquisite blessings that are here for us in birthing our individual and collective New Reality.


  • More intimate connection with your Soul’s path, your true self (your Higher Self) and your entire Higher Wisdom (Source, Angels & Guides of the Highest Light and your Higher Self).
  • Increased intuitive abilities.
  • An expansion and added depth to your daily Spiritual Practice.
  • Ability to stay in and live from your Zone of Genius/essential nature for longer stretches of time – allowing your life to be filled with greater ease, grace and abundance.
  • Increased Prosperity – in your thoughts, time available to you, in cash-money, in giving your gifts, in abundance in all forms.
  • An expanded feeling of Peace & Love in your relationships – first in your relationship with yourself and your Higher Wisdom, followed by your relationships with your family of origin, with your Beloved and in your friendships.

  • We’ll meet via phone every Sunday beginning May 21 (5/28, 6/4, 6/11, 6/18) at 11:11amPST for anywhere from 44-55+minutes depending on what length of time we are guided to. You may join us for the entire time together or a portion of it. You may even choose to listen to the recording later that day. We do recommend that whenever you should choose to experience our Spirit-Led Sundays that you choose a Divinely aligned time that utilizes the power of Master Number 11, such as at 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, or 5:55.
  • During this time together, you’ll receive an update on what is happening in the cosmos and how you can work with those energies to your benefit for your most aligned unfolding. These updates will also appear exclusively in the private FB group for Spirit-Led Sundays. These updates may include astrological aspects and they will also include what supersedes even astrology – which is alignment with one’s Destiny and guidance from Source.
  • You will also receive JOGs-led Meditation Activations and channeled messages during our weekly gatherings to support your alignment with shifting out of Survival and Scarcity consciousness and into Source Consciousness (Peace, Love & Prosperity).
  • You will receive a downloadable mp3 of these weekly Spirit-Led Sundays to listen to again and again for your further and expanded alignment.
  • You will also be added to a private FB group only for Spirit-Led Sundays where you can ask questions for me that I will directly respond to, to support you on your path. This will also be our sacred container for sharing the Miracles that occur during this 5 weeks together. As you share you build momentum around allowing increased Miracles into your life and you create an increased feeling of connection between you and your Soul Tribe.
  • You will be part of my daily prayer ritual (I will be praying for your full alignment with Source Consciousness) as part of this Divine gathering.

You in?

Join us – by clicking the link below – for only $197 to immediately be included in my daily prayer ritual and be added to the private FB group.

Anna Demouchet

Anna Demouchet of Fostering Spirit sent in this amazing testimonial.

Heather Kristian’s meditations are a literal Godsend for me!  I have never been ‘good’ at meditating – my mind wanders, I get fidgety and one minute feels like forever.  This made it very difficult to commit to it as a daily practice, even though I knew how important it was.  When I listened to one of Heather Kristian’s meditations for the first time, all of that changed!  They are short, guided meditations that feel more like personal alignment sessions than meditations.  They are so powerful and mesmerizing I often feel transported to another place and time – it makes me want to do them over and over instead of quitting early, which is what I often used to do.  SO grateful she and the JOGs created these for us!

The Rising Up For Love meditation in November was the most powerful meditation yet.  When I listen to it I can feel the energy and it’s like being transported into another world!  I particularly like this one because very much like an alignment session or transmission, it gives specific details about how to step into love and also directly connects you to the love matrix, disconnecting you from fear. So powerful and so necessary for all!

Sue Staley

Sue Staley, MA CBP at Quantum BodyTalk Healing Arts Cooperative, sent in this wonderful testimonial.

After the meditation, it has been even easier and easier to let go of the fear and tension and just be in the love! Thank you, JOGs and Heather Kristian!

Angela K. Johnson

Angela K. Johnson of Awaken Bodytalk sent in this beautiful testimonial.

Thank you so very much, Heather Kristian, JOGs and everyone here who participated in the epic-ness of yesterday!! In Sioux Falls, South Dakota, we had a lovely saged circle of 8 of us, gathered around my cell phone placed in a tea mug (to amplify the speaker-phone!) 🙂 We were all balancing Cortices together right as the call began, and we were all so very, very grateful for the entire experience! <3

Eloise Hill

A wonderful, powerful meditation for which I thank you, Heather Kristian. Had lots of kundalini energy movement during the meditation and, repeated intense sneezing, of all things, afterward, so I think some unwanted energy was moving out making room for more light and love <3

Marianne Marshall

Wow, Heather Kristian Strang, you really are magic. So glad I signed up for this! Listening to that meditation, the messages of the JOGs, has brought me such peace and feeling grounded in who I am and I am learning how to believe in myself…Suddenly, my life doesn’t seem so overwhelming. Thank you!

Tiffani Barnum-Hess

The meditation was perfect and incredible. Lots of releasing and unplugging definitely happening.

Blossom Masters

Loved the meditation! Thank you!

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